Commencement Weekend: Hooding & Honors Ceremony


Contact the dean of your college/school.


Hooding and Honors Ceremony

Friday, May 18, 11:45 a.m. (undergraduates), 2:30 p.m. (graduates)
Center for Athletics and Wellness

Undergraduate students should arrive by 11:15 a.m. Graduate students should arrive by 2 p.m.

Students should arrive dressed in their gown and use the far left door of the main entrance of the Center for Athletics and Wellness. The remaining front doors are for guests only. Hoods should be carried, since they will be bestowed upon students during the ceremony. Gowns may be picked up at the Grad Finale or bookstore prior to commencement weekend. Commencement caps should NOT be worn for any of the events on Friday.

Once inside, register with your respective college or school. At registration, you will receive a card with your name and degree on it.

After you've registered, proceed to the Insalaco Arena and be seated in the section for your college/school.

During the ceremony, students will be invited to the stage. Hand your card to the dean at the podium and then move to center stage. Present your hood to the faculty member, turn and face the audience while being hooded, and then walk off the stage to the opposite side. Student ushers will direct you back to your seat.


Students who receive medals should move to the first row after being hooded. Medalists' names will be posted on the seats.

Honor Societies

Upon announcing each of the honor societies, members will stand and be recognized and remain standing until the next honor society is announced.

Tickets are not required, but students must register online if they plan to attend any Commencement Weekend events.