Communication Arts: Graduate Program

Marywood's M.A. in Communication Arts will prepare you to assume a leadership role in your chosen Communication-related profession. It is a broad-based program that covers a range of communication skills and careers. 

The M.A. in Communication Arts consists of an 18-credit core and five 18-credit tracks.  A student selects one of the tracks in consultation with an advisor. The total degree program is 36 credits (18-credit core & an 18-credit track).

The department has also adopted an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education in light of the communications field interdisciplinary nature. Accordingly, specific program courses are offered in Education, Health, Business and Public Administration Departments. This will enable students to study computer applications and photography, health communication issues, management procedures, research and other specialized topics with academic and professional personnel who work in these fields. Some courses may also be taught through on-line delivery methods.

You may choose from the following:

  1. Production: Explores in-studio and in-field production. Various digital audio and video tools are used in a range of productions. PC-and web-based applications are also covered, and students have access to state of the art television and radio/audio production and editing facilities.

  2. Media Management: Explores management techniques used in the communications industry.

  3. Health Communication: Health communication focuses on communication strategies that inform the public and other audiences such as health workers, patients, community members and policy makers about important health-related topics. Effective health care communication is critical for ensuring optimal outcomes, delivering quality patient care, encouraging individuals to adopt healthy behaviors and directing policy makers' attention to important health issues. This is a new specialty that is growing in importance given the changing face of the health care delivery system and growing public attention to physical and mental health issues. Marywood's interdisciplinary approach also provides you with a broad-based background about this rapidly evolving field and will give you access to acknowledged professionals in this and related fields.

  4. Interdisciplinary: The Interdisciplinary track is self-directed: you work with your advisor to design a customized course of study. The track can include Communication courses as well as those from allied fields. These may include courses from the Business, Art, Public Administration and other departments.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to the M.A. in Communication Arts program, must meet the general admission requirements for the University.  The program is designed to accommodate students with or without a communications degree or background. 

Transfer Courses

Please see the University's policy for details.