Communication Arts Department





Jay Cannon Control Room-1030058

Radio Station

Students in editing booth

Photos taken by Katlynn Whitaker

The Center for Communication Arts

Located in the Learning Commons, the Center for Communication Arts provides you with a wide range of media tools and physical spaces to work with and in. With your professors and classmates, you could; help publish an electronic newspaper; direct, produce, shoot or edit video and audio programming; create and publish a PR newsletter; work as an on-air television or radio talent and create virtual sets and short animations.

As a student, you can also explore the entire media universe. While you'll select a program specialization, you can cut across department activities. If you're an AD/PR student, for example, you can also work in the radio station, WVMW-FM, 91.7. If you enjoy writing, you can craft stories for The Wood Word, Marywood's newspaper, and write and produce spots for the radio station. You are only limited by your imagination.

Jay Cannon studio-1030080

Radio Station-1030090