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Departmental Clubs

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The Marywood University Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society promotes interest in chemical sciences and provides a medium for students to establish and maintain connections with professionals in the field of chemical sciences.

Architecture and Interior Design Club

The Marywood Architecture and Interior Design Club consists of, but is not limited to, architecture and interior architecture/design students. Members gain access to the latest design developments, network with peers and professionals and become members of the professional interiors organizations.

Athletic Training Club

The purposes of the Athletic Training Club include: encouraging, advancing, and improving the student athletic trainers within the program; developing the abilities of its members; providing an exchange of thoughts and ideas to better its members' understanding of the field of athletic training; enabling members to share camaraderie among themselves; and, introducing others to the field of athletic training. Membership is open to anyone interested in joining the club.

Biology Club

The Biology Club serves as a forum for social activities, networking possibilities, studying/research opportunities, and exciting excursions for all science majors. The Biology Club aims to stimulate interest in both the pure and applied biological sciences at college and community levels and acts on behalf of biology students in campus-wide student government/club activities.

Blood, Sweat, and Gears Bike Club

Blood, sweat, and gears bike club will bring students together who all share the common interest of riding bicycles. We will organize rides on different trails and surrounding areas.

Caritas Club

The goals of this organization are to provide a forum through which social work majors can broaden and enrich their knowledge base, as it relates to social work education and practice; to function in a liaison capacity with the School of Social Work; to provide active voluntary service in various community organizations; and to provide student input into the policies, curriculum, and other educational endeavors of the Bachelor of Social Work Program.

Criminal Justice

The Marywood University Criminal Justice Club is a student-run organization open to all current Marywood students, including non-criminal justice majors. The mission of the group is to promote students’ interest in the field of criminal justice and to support students’ academic, professional, and personal development. Our goal is to expand knowledge and awareness of criminal justice issues through engaging and fun activities including field trips, guest speakers, hands-on scenarios, and monthly meetings.

The Criminal Justice Club is an excellent way to network with fellow students and expand your extracurricular involvement here at Marywood. To learn more about the Criminal Justice Club please contact Dr. Brian Monahan at

Digital Media Club

This club creates the opportunity for career-focused students to gain marketable skills through the exploration of experiences learned in the Communication Arts department. The skills include especially non-linear editing, storyboarding, lighting, composition and framing, audio, project process, etc.


Open to all Education majors, Marywood University's EDUC Club is the joining together of the following organizations: PSEA: Pennsylvania State Education Association, KDP: Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society), SCEC: Student Council for Exceptional Children, SPED: Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta (Special Education Honor Society)

English Club

The English Club is a community of students interested in the recreational advantages of literature and writing. The club provides an outlet for creative writing, book discussion and opportunities to promote the art of language in the community. Founded with the intention to expand on cultural understanding of literature, the club strides to make English accessible to every and all majors.

Health and Fitness Club

The health and fitness club is here to provide education for proper use of gym equipment, to aid in proper lifting techniques, and most importantly, to provide a sense of community among students who may be new to/or intimidated by the gym atmosphere. This club will also aid in proper dietary nutrition for all members  who many have questions about their eating habits. This club is open to all members of the Marywood community.

Health and Physical Education Club

The club is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through a variety of activities and programs. Our mission is to involve the department and all students in an organization that is devoted to improving the health of the members of the Marywood community. The club supports the majors of the Health and Physical Education Department and is open to all students.

History Society

The purpose of this organization is to promote and satisfy, among students, an interest in history and the social sciences.

Interior Design Club

This is the professional association for those trained to practice interior design. It promotes professionalism and educational programs and brings designers together for the latest exhibits of new products. Upon graduation, active student members become associate (allied) members of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID).

Marywood Chapter of the Association for Music Therapy Students (MARAMTS)

This club is for Music Therapy majors and people who are interested in the field of music therapy. It is active within the region as well as nationally in the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). The club and its procedures are modeled after the national and regional chapters. We hold fundraisers, participate in service projects and are active in region-wide MAR-AMTA projects. In addition, we attend Regional Conference every year.

Marywood University Health Professions Society (MUHPS)

Marywood University Health Professions Society does its part to build a spirit of cooperation, a spirit that is becoming ever more necessary in the medical profession, by encouraging the medical professionals of tomorrow to work together today.  The MUHPS supports and encourages the students of Marywood University in their endeavors to enter the health care field as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, biotechnologists and researchers.  MUHPS provides network support for students by raising awareness of the current events in healthcare; organizes visits by guest speakers from medical schools, and graduate schools; offers MCAT strategy sessions, mentorship, volunteering programs,  career options, and other special events.

"Help us make this YOUR organization"

Anyone who is interested in the field of medicine can join!

Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association (MUSATA)

MUSATA is composed of graduate and undergraduate art therapy students with the support of the Marywood art therapy faculty. The main purpose of this group is to network, share personal, artistic, educational, and overall professional growth opportunities. This group strives to promote art therapy as a means of life improvement. MUSATA seeks out volunteer opportunities so that its members can gain experience with a variety of populations while lending a helping hand in accordance with Marywood's curricular goal of service learning. 

Math Club

This organization is open to all students interested in promoting the opportunities and goals of mathematics. The club sponsors a mathematics contest for area high school students, field trips, and attendance at professional meetings.

Music Education Club (NAFME)

The Marywood University Music Education Club is a club that is open to anyone who is interested in supporting the field of music education in today's society. Inside this club is the Marywood Chapter of NAFME (The National Association For Music Education) wich is an organization open to only Music Education Majors within this club. Member sof the club support the growth of Music Education on and off campus through a variety of events.

Music Therapy Association

This organization provides music therapy majors with opportunities for personal growth and professional leadership. The Music Therapy Club sponsors on-campus workshops, conducts fundraisers to facilitate regional and national conference attendance. The organization holds events to advocate for music therapy to increase awareness on campus, in addition to looking for opportunities to volunteer our time and talents.

Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA)

Founded in 1947, this professional association is dedicated to helping bring quality art education to people of all ages and to strengthen art's place within elementary and secondary schools' curriculum.

Pennsylvania Student Educators Association (PSEA)

Pennsylvania Student Educators Association (PSEA) is a pre-professional association dedicated to advancing leadership skills and professional development among future educators across the Commonwealth.

Physician Assistant Club (MUPASS)

The students of the Marywood University Physician Assistant Student Society (M.U.P.A.S.S.) realize that through formal organization, they can benefit themselves, the program, and the community. In all aspects of its function, this society will pursue integrity, equality, dignity, and competence for the physician assistant as a health practitioner.

Pre-Physician Assistant Society

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society of Marywood University educates members on the roles that physician assistants play in the medical field and helps them prepare for their roles in healthcare. Volunteer opportunities are available on campus and in the surrounding community.

Project Heal

Project Heal: Help to eat, accept, and live is 501(c) non profit organization that raises awareness of eating disorders along with providing scholarship funding for people that cannot afford treatment, promote healthy body image/self esteem, and serve as a testament that full recovery is possible. Since 2008, Project Heal has raised over $40,000  to send 11 people to treatment and had 40 chapters nationwide. Founding a chapter here at Marywood, our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with eating disorders, raise awareness on campus, and continue to raise money towards the scholarship fund. Anyone affiliated with Marywood is able to join. You don't have to have an eating disorder to join, but for those who do you are not alone. We will be here to support anyone.

Psychology Club

This organization is open to all students interested in furthering their understanding of human behavior. Activities include field trips, attendance at professional conferences, social activities, community service projects, a Christmas party, spring picnic, and the annual Psychology Fair.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

The Marywood Chapter of PRSSA offers practical experience, intercollegiate competition, and networking with public relations professionals through conferences and PRSSA-assisted programs. It encompasses campus, corporate, institutional, and community service projects.

Speech and Hearing Club

This student-run club is an active part of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department, and is in affiliation with the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSHLA), a professional membership association for students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral - full and part-time) enrolled in a communication sciences program or related major.

Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

The purpose of CEC is to instill in its members a dedication to challenged persons, through participation in voluntary service programs, and to help students develop professional attitudes and good interpersonal relationships. Members work toward providing leadership as future teachers committed to the education and advocacy for children, youth, and adults with mental and physical challenges. Members participate in state and national conferences and organize local activities.

Student Nurse Association of Marywood University (SNAM)

The student-run Nursing Club sponsors activities in the community, fosters collaboration with healthcare professionals, and promotes the development of leadership skills. The purpouse of the club is to:

  • Organize, represent, educate, and mentor its members
  • Convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession
  • Advocate for high quality health care
  • Develop nursing students who are prepared to lead the profession into the future

Student Pugwash (Environmental Club)

This Marywood University club is dedicated to promoting advocacy for and awareness of environmental issues. Goals include educating other students and faculty about environmental awareness on campus, promoting environmentally friendly use of natural resources, and to be an organization through which students can sustainably enjoy nature by taking nature hikes and working closely with Marywood Arboretum Committee. Ultimately, Student Pugwash works towards helping Marywood become a "green campus," that which is energy efficient and ecologically friendly. For more information, visit our national organization

Undergraduate Student Government Association

The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government Association of Marywood University represents the united voice of the undergraduate student body and provides programs and activities, which support the University's goal of enabling students to live responsibly in an interdependent world. As elected student representatives, the Undergraduate Student Government Association strives to strengthen existing bonds between students, faculty, staff, and administration and to enrich the University's tradition of excellence in academic and student life.

World Language Club