What a PhD in Human Development did for

Dr. Kristin Bewick

Position: Assistant Professor, Wilkes University; Director of Learning/Tutoring Clinic, Dunmore, PA; Cognitive Therapist at Allied Services; Published Author

  • BS Degree in Special Education, Marywood University
  • MS Degree in Special Education, Marywood University
  • Ph.D. in Human Development with a Concentration in Instructional Leadership, Marywood University

She holds certifications in Special Education, Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities, Reading, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy. Since 1987 she has served the position of Cognitive Therapist in the Department of Neuropsychological/Cognitive Services at the John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Since 2000, Dr. Bewick has worked in the Education Department/School of Education at Wilkes University as an assistant professor, advisor, teacher trainer, and program coordinator. She has co-authored and authored articles and publications about education and cognition, including the rehabilitation program guide for brain injury titled BRAINWAVE-R, a series of workbooks for patients and their families. Dr. Bewick is the owner and director of LearnMore Service, LLC, in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, a clinic that provides a variety of learning, test preparation, and tutoring programs for clients of all ages.

The Strategy Training Program Workbook by Dr. Kristin Bewick grew out of her doctoral dissertation research at Marywood. Her dissertation title was "Evaluating the Efficacy of a Strategy Training Program on Students with ADHD." The learning strategies in the workbook have been developing since 1987 when she worked as a therapist with clients with special cognitive needs at the John Heinz Institute. Dr. Bewick went on to field test her learning strategy program with children of various ages and grade levels, including those with special needs. The workbook can be used by teachers, parents, clinicians, and specialists who want to help children learn. It is available online at www.avventurapress.com.