Honors Program

Students who have achieved high grades in high school and high standardized test scores may be eligible for Honors courses. The Honors Program enhances academic and research opportunities for students. For more information on the Honors Program, please check the program listing in the index.

Double Major

A student may elect to have a double major, in which the requirements of two distinct major programs are fully met within one degree program. The student arranges the program with the support of both department chairpersons. Typically, the student applies to the appropriate chairperson for entrance into the second major after the end of the first year. Application forms are available at the Academic Records Office. Some examples are Social Work and Religious Studies, English and Advertising/Public Relations.


Minor programs, usually 18 credits, are available in many departments. Arrangements are made with the appropriate chairperson. See department program listings for available minor options.

A minor QPA of 2.33 is required for successful completion. Some programs require higher quality point averages.

Ad Hoc Major

When students believe that their unique educational objectives cannot be fully attained by choosing one of the existing major programs, they may devise an ad hoc pattern of courses. A form for an ad hoc proposal should be obtained from the Deans’ Offices or department chairs.

The program must be approved by the participating department chairpersons and submitted to the appropriate dean for approval. Ad Hoc major programs usually require 45-60 credits. They are typically designed during the student’s sophomore year.

Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students who have senior status (completed 90 credits or more) may be permitted to take up to 12 graduate credits with the permission of the department chair and appropriate dean. Students requesting permission must have a minimum of 3.00 grade point average. The opportunity to take graduate credits may be advantageous for students in moving through a graduate program more rapidly or for students who seek greater challenge in their senior year.

Graduate credits must meet undergraduate degree requirements to be covered by financial aid. Questions about financial aid implications should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Pre-professional Programs

Marywood offers a number of pre-professional programs. Listings are found within specific departments.


Although no specific major or curriculum is required for admission to law school, the Department of Social Sciences offers a pre-professional major in History/Political Science (Pre-law). If a student does not choose a pre-professional major or minor, advice is available by contacting the Social Science Department.

Independent Study

Students have the option of independent study, which may be undertaken for variable academic credit. Independent study is not intended to duplicate or overlap existing courses, but to provide options not otherwise available. To enroll in independent study, a student must:

  1. request a form at the appropriate Dean’s Office.
  2. have a minimum overall QPA of 3.00;
  3. obtain permission of a member of the faculty and the department chairperson involved;
  4. submit to the dean a proposal outlining the plan of study.

Field Experience

Marywood University acknowledges the necessity of integrating academic course work and practical experience in the total learning process within many major areas of study. As a result, the University maintains strong and active affiliations with a number of cooperating agencies wherein students can gain these competencies, typically as upper division students. These arrangements are defined specifically at the departmental level and include titles such as: “field experience,” “clinical practicum,” “internship,” and “student teaching.” Each is designed to provide the opportunity of transferring theoretical paradigms to practical situations.

Cross Registration

Degree-seeking undergraduate students are allowed to enroll in courses at the University of Scranton for up to six credits within a calendar year. Unlike transfer credits from other colleges, grades earned through cross registration with the University of Scranton are calculated into a student’s QPA. Students participating in this program complete all registration through the Office of the Registrar at Marywood. Information, assistance, and registration forms are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences can be tailored to individual comfort levels so students get exactly what they want from the experience. The amount of time spent overseas could range from a few weeks in the summer to an entire academic year. Students can choose to live with host families, among foreign students, or surrounded by other Americans. Programs are modestly priced, and scholarships and financial aid are also available.

If you’re interested in finding a study abroad program that fits what you’re seeking, the Office of International Affairs, located in the Liberal Arts Center, Room 220, can help you find a program. The process of applying for overseas studies starts whenever you’re ready.

Checklist for Study Abroad

  • Visit the Office of International Affairs, Liberal Arts Center, Room 220 or call 570-961-4581 to schedule an appointment with Study Abroad Director.
  • Find a country, program, or university that interests you.
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor. (Verify your courses.)
  • Schedule an appointment with financial aid.
  • Schedule an appointment with Registrar’s Office.
  • Review information with the Study Abroad Director.
  • Complete all necessary forms and applications and return them to the International Affairs office.

The Intensive English Program at Marywood

The Intensive English Program at Marywood offers a special opportunity for international students who have not yet reached an adequate level of English proficiency for college work. This immersion program enables students to develop a fluency in English while adjusting to the cultural and academic requirements in the United States.

For more information, call the Office of Intensive English Program at 570-340-6006 or the Office of International Affairs at 570-961-4581 for requirements for registration.

Other College Credit Opportunities

Credit for Professional, Personal Enrichment, or Transfer

Students interested in taking credit classes for the purpose of upgrading professional skills, for personal enrichment, or for transfer to another institution of higher education without the intent of pursuing a degree at Marywood University may enroll through the Registrar’s Office. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 570-348-6280.