Early Admission

Under Marywood's Early Admission Plan, well-qualified students may enroll in the University after the completion of their junior year of high school if they have completed all the high school units required for admission and offer evidence of the maturity necessary to perform well in a university environment. A candidate must have the recommendation of the secondary school principal.

Enrollment with a Limited Academic Schedule

Candidates who do not meet all admission requirements may be offered admission provided they initially enroll in a limited number of academic courses. The Undergraduate Admissions Committee may recommend a program, which encourages the students to concentrate on the enrichment of academic skills and study habits. Special academic advisors are assigned to assist these persons. Persons in this group enroll for no more than twelve to fourteen credits during their first semester. Enrollment in succeeding semesters may remain limited until the student demonstrates sufficient level of achievement.

Gateway Program

The Gateway program offers tutoring and advising sessions to first time students. Incoming students must attend and successfully complete a one week workshop before classes begin for the fall semester. To be eligible, students must have a qualifying GPA and SAT or ACT scores. The student will need to meet with a representative from the Office of Retention and Academic Advising before his/her application for admission can be processed. Transfer students are not eligible for the Gateway Program.

Project GREAT
(Gradual Re-entry for Adults in Transition)

Marywood welcomes adults who have been away from formal education for a few years. For many in this group, life experiences reflecting a high level of motivation and personal success may be better predictors of academic success than are high school records. Project GREAT provides for mature learners, including the development of part-time academic schedules, with day and/or evening classes.

Deferred Enrollment

Candidates offered admission who, for reasons of travel or work, wish to defer enrollment for one or two semesters, should notify in writing the Director of University Admissions of their intentions on or before May 1 or another designated reply date, depending upon the semester of enrollment. Students requesting a deferral beyond one year, or who have previously had their application deferred from another semester, will be required to submit a new application.