Registration Regulations (Undergraduate)

Registration Procedures

Prior to a student’s first semester at Marywood, a faculty or professional staff advisor assists the student by the preparation of his/her first schedule.

Continuing students receive registration materials prior to each session and schedule an appointment with their academic advisors before registering online or at the Office of Academic Records.

Changes in Student Schedules

At the beginning of each semester there is a scheduled period during which a student may withdraw from courses and receive a refund. The student may be admitted to another course or change from audit to credit status during the first academic week of a semester. A student should consult with his/her academic advisor before adding or dropping a course. Schedule change forms are available at the Office of Academic Records, or the student can process the change using the online MarywoodYou portal registration system. Procedures and relevant dates are published by the registrar.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students may withdraw from full semester courses at any time during the semester up to the deadline as scheduled in the institutional calendar. The specific withdrawal deadline date is published each semester. Courses which do not follow regular session parameters will have different withdrawal dates. A student who discontinues attendance in a course without officially withdrawing will receive an “F*” in that course.

Withdrawal from the University

To withdraw from the University, a student must complete an official withdrawal form available online.

Absence from class does not constitute notice of withdrawal. A student who discontinues attendance in classes without an official withdrawal will receive a grade of “F*” in all subjects concerned.

A former student may request reactivation within two years after withdrawal. After two years it is necessary to reapply to the University through the Admissions Office. The catalog which is current at that time will apply and previously earned academic credits will be evaluated in light of their age and applicability to the current curriculum.