Academic Honors

Deans’ List

Twice a year the Deans’ List is announced. The Deans’ List is based on semester QPA. To merit Deans’ List, a matriculating student must attain a quality point average of 4.00 to 3.50 on 12 or more graded credits. Part-time students may be considered upon accumulation of 12 or more graded credits. Any student with an “I,” an “X” or “U” grade on her/his semester record is not eligible.

Honors at Commencement


The degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture, and Bachelor of Architecture are awarded in three grades of honor:

  • with distinction, cum laude
    3.50 - 3.74 cumulative QPA
  • with high distinction, magna cum laude
    3.75 - 3.89 cumulative QPA
  • with highest distinction, summa cum laude
    3.90 - 4.00 cumulative QPA

These distinctions are awarded on the basis of the student’s cumulative average in all subjects. For students attending Commencement in May, any and all honors are determined on grades from the preceding semester.

Students entering with advanced standing from other colleges and universities are not eligible for these honors until they have completed at least 42 credits at Marywood University.


Kappa Gamma Pi Medal for General Excellence Established by Scranton Chapter of Kappa Gamma Pi, National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society

Saint Luke Medal for Excellence in Art Founded by Helen E. Leonard in memory of Mary E. Barrett

Anna and James Foley Medal for Excellence in Art Education Established by Sister Ave Maria Foley, IHM in honor of her parents and brother.

Sister Maria Laurence Maher, IHM Medal for Excellence in Biological Studies Founded in memory of Sister Maria Laurence Maher, IHM by her family

Thomas and Norah Clarke Medal for Excellence in Business Founded by the Clarke family in memory of their parents, Thomas and Norah Clarke

Philip E. Mulry Medal for Excellence in Chemistry Founded by the Mulry family in memory of Philip E. Mulry, Sr.

Lynett Medal for Academic Distinction in Communication, Arts, and Sciences Founded by the late E.J. Lynett in memory of his wife, Ellen Ruddy Lynett

Margaret T. Lunney Medal for Outstanding Performance in the Study of Communication Sciences and Disorders Founded by Miss Dorothy R. McNulty in honor of her friend, Miss Margaret T. Lunney

J. Harold Brislin Medal for Distinction in Creative Writing Founded by Gene Brislin, in memory of her husband, J. Harold Brislin, a Pulitzer Prize winner

Edward Gayeski Medal for Excellence in Design Founded by Mrs. Alba Lori Gayeski, in memory of her husband, Edward Gayeski

Rosemary Carroll Kazimer Medal for Excellence in Elementary Education Founded by Dr. Mary Louise Keeney in honor of Mrs. Kazimer

Sister Regina Barrett Medal For Excellence in Early Childhood Education Established in honor of Sister Regina Barrett, IHM by Superintendent Patricia C. Leamy

Dr. Wanda Persichetti Medal for Excellence in Foreign Language Founded by friends of the late Dr. Wanda M. Persichetti

C. Norman Shaffer Medal for Nutrition and Dietetics Founded by Mrs. C. Norman Shaffer, LL.D., in memory of Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Walsh, IHM and Sister Margaret Mary Howley, IHM

Barrett Medal For Outstanding Service and Scholarship in the Field of Legal Studies orCriminal Justice Founded by Sigma Pi Mu in honor of Dr. John W. Barrett

Tama Medal for Excellence in Mathematical Studies Founded by Mrs. Margaret Mary Tama Hovell ’63 and Dr. Judith Tama Page ’70, in memory of their parents, John and Margaret Tama

Sister M. Clare Kelley, IHM Medal for Excellence in Music Founded in memory of Sister M. Clare Kelley, IHM by friends, alumnae, and former music students of Marywood University

Mary Grace Loughney Flynn ’39 Medal for Excellence in Music Established by Sister Elizabeth R. Loughney, IHM

Nemotko Medal for Distinction in Nursing Founded by Mrs. Anthony J. Nemotko in memory of her husband, Anthony J. Nemotko

Mary Pace Medal for Excellence in Philosophy Founded by the Reverend William J. Pace in memory of his mother, Mary Pace

Thomas J. Keenan, M.D. Medal for Excellence in the Undergraduate Physician’s Assistant Program Established by Mrs. Mary Keenan Hecht in honor of her brother, Thomas J. Keenan, M.D.

Sister M. Charitas Loftus, IHM Medal for Excellence in Poetry Founded by Jemille A. Zaydon, friends, and alumni

Sister M. Sylvia Morgan, IHM Medal for Excellence in Pre­-Medical Studies Founded by Elizabeth Young Arvad, M.D.

Medal for Excellence in Psychology Founded by the Psychology Club in honor of Sister M. St. Mary Orr, IHM and Sister M. Bernardina McAndrew, IHM

Czachor Medal for Distinction in Religious Studies Founded by the Czachor family of Archbald, Pennsylvania

Sister M. Immaculata Gillespie, IHM Medal for Excellence in the Secondary Education Program Founded by Elizabeth Young Arvad, M.D.

Jenkins-Colis Gilroy Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Social Work Founded by BSW students in memory of Brian Jenkins, Class of 1979 and Patricia Colis Gilroy, Class of 1976

Jordan Medal for Excellence in the Social Sciences Founded by the Misses Jordan in memory of their brother, the Reverend Richard D. Jordan, J.C.L.

Margaret Ruddy Dougherty Medal for Academic Excellence in Special Education Founded by Regina, Edward, William Fahey, and Mary Fahey McGarry

Sister Davidica Kildea, IHM Medal for Excellence in Voice Founded in memory of Sister M. Davidica Kildea, IHM by the Kildea family

Dolores M. Ackourey Medal for Excellence in Leadership and Human Relations Founded by Mr. and Mrs. William P. Ackourey in memory of their daughter, Dolores

Sister M. Eva Connors, IHM Peace Medal Founded in memory of Sister M. Eva Connors, IHM

Sister M. Margrete Kelley, IHM Medal for Distinction in Service Founded by Anna G. Kirby in memory of her sister, Sister M. Margrete Kelley, IHM

Judith Piznar '90 Medal for Leadership and Service to Youth Founded in memory of Judy Piznar by her parents, Robert S. and Catherine Piznar 

Robert E. Quinnan Medal for Distinguished Service in the Alphonsian and IHM Tradition Founded by Mrs. Catherine G. Quinnan in memory of her husband