Scholarship Allocation and Usage Policies (Graduate)

Graduate merit scholarships or need-based grant award levels may be modified or nullified to the extent that Marywood University will be able to receive the full benefit of third-party tuition payment benefits declared by the scholarship applicant as denoted on any Marywood Graduate Scholarship Application.

Eligible graduate students may utilize either the Marywood University Religious Tuition Reduction or a Marywood University scholarship related to their program of study but not both simultaneously.

Students who will benefit from the Marywood University Tuition Reduction for the Diocese of Scranton during an academic year may not receive a Marywood University graduate scholarship during that same academic year.

If a graduate scholarship or need-based grant recipient should need to withdraw from courses before the completion of a semester of study, Marywood University will recover institutional funds from the student in proportion to the percentage of tuition refunded for that semester. If the student decides to return to his or her studies in the future, he or she will be required to reapply for financial aid.

For institutional resources designated by Marywood University to support merit scholarships and need-based grants for students in master's degree programs, the University will give priority to students seeking their first master's degree from Marywood University.