Transfer of Credits (Graduate)

At least two-thirds of the degree requirements must be met at Marywood. Departments or individual programs may require more hours taken at Marywood and may limit transfer credits to fewer than this limit. Specific credits and numbers of credits accepted for transfer must be approved in writing by the department chairperson in the degree program or graduate certification program to which a student has been fully admitted.

All credits accepted for transfer must have been taken at the graduate level. Bi-level courses are generally unacceptable and must be specifically justified in the student's departmental records. All credits transferred must be equivalent to a "B" grade or better. If a course has been taken on a pass-fail basis there must be a written statement attached to the requested transfer credit that states it is the institutional policy to grant credit only for grades of "B" or better in graduate coursework. Transfer credits must parallel or integrate well, both in terms of content and quality, with current standards at the University. Ordinarily, acceptable transfer credits must have been earned within the five previous calendar years from the date of provisional or regular admission.

An applicant desiring to earn credit at Marywood for transfer to another institution should file application and submit an official statement of good academic standing from the home institution.

Marywood students desiring to register for credits at another institution to be transferred to Marywood to fulfill specific requirements of a certificate or degree program must receive prior approval of the appropriate department chairperson or administrator and obtain his or her signature on the Authorization for Transfer Credit form. Transfer Credit forms are available on the Registrar’s page on the Marywood website.