Graduation Requirements (Graduate)

Academic Standards for Degree Closure Experiences

All closure experiences must involve substantive evidence of serious reflection, adequate integration and appropriate synthesis of program learning experiences and curricular objectives. Closure experiences must also encourage and promote self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-understanding within degree candidates through the specific requirements defined by the department offering the closure experience.

Professional Contribution/Thesis/Dissertation

A Professional Contribution or Thesis is a requirement of the master's degree in most departments. The Professional Contribution constitutes a scholarly endeavor that may take the form of a minor thesis, a scholarly paper, a work of art, a recital, internship, or other form that demonstrates the student's ability to deal in depth with the sources and/or materials in the field of concentration. Copies of the guidelines for Theses or Professional Contributions may be obtained in the departmental office or the Offices of the Deans.

The Ph.D. in Human Development requires the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation. The Doctor of Clinical Psychology program requires the successful completion of a doctoral research project. Guidelines for the dissertation/doctoral research project are obtained from the faculty mentor of the research.

Comprehensive Examination

A final comprehensive examination--written, oral or both--must be passed by the degree candidate, if required by the student's department. This examination is given once in the fall, spring, and summer. The precise dates are listed in the Marywood calendar. In case of failure in the comprehensives, a student may be given a second examination within a reasonable time at the discretion of the department chairperson and with the approval of the appropriate dean. A formal written request for permission to take the comprehensives must be sent to the Chairperson or Administrator of the department at least one month prior to the date set on the calendar for the examination.

Students will be informed in writing of the time and place of the examination two weeks prior to the date of the examination.

A record of examination results signed by the department Chairperson or Administrator will be submitted to the appropriate Dean. The student will receive written notification of the examination results from the department Chairperson or Administrator.

Quality Point Average

No student will qualify for the awarding of a degree who has not achieved a minimum 3.00 ("B") QPA. No course in which the student has earned less than a "C" shall be applied toward the degree.

Graduation Registration

At the time of enrollment for the last semester of work toward a degree, the student registers for graduation. This initiates clearance toward graduation by the department Chairperson, Administrator, and the appropriate Dean. The student is billed for the graduation fee, along with tuition and fees for the semester. Application for graduation will not be accepted after the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters or the first week of a summer session. Students anticipating graduation must also submit an Application for Graduation in WebAdvisor via the MarywoodYou Portal.