Full admission to a course of study takes effect in the semester specified in the admission letter to the degree applicant from the Office of University Admissions. Admission to a program does not guarantee that financial aid will be available for that semester. Students seeking a master's degree may not take more than nine (9) credit hours (or as otherwise dictated by the department) in one degree program prior to full admission. Individual programs of study may further limit a student to as few as six (6) credits prior to full admission. Credits taken under admission in process or enrichment status do not guarantee acceptance into a specific program, nor does it guarantee fulfillment of required coursework. Upon completion of an admissions application, completed coursework will be evaluated. Acceptance of applicable credits is completely at the discretion of the Department Chair or Administrator, and the Dean of the specified college. In addition, students taking courses under admission in process or enrichment are considered non-matriculating and therefore are not eligible for financial aid. Students should be advised that courses taken under either status and applied to a degree program will be considered in the seven-year completion time limit.

The release form is available for registration in the University Admissions Office or any Dean's Office.