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School of Architecture

Marywood University has committed significant resources to create a new School of Architecture- the first to open in northeast Pennsylvania.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate a new generation of architects and interior architects who engage the world passionately and intelligently. As a professional school in a liberal arts university, we endeavor to contextualize a rigorous studio-based curriculum within an educational environment that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and speculation.

From interior objects to urban environments, we value architecture as a disciplined practice, which we define as a medium to engage the world at a range of scales with conceptual and formal clarity, disciplinary awareness, social agency, and material speculation. We believe that architecture offers ways of making and thinking that enable architects and interior architects to do good in the world through their work. Our shared values enable differences between and among our programs to become opportunities for productive exchange, collaboration, and growth.


The School of Architecture offers two post-professional graduate programs: a Masters of Arts in Interior Architecture (M.A.); and a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.). These two programs offer one-year degree tracks that are intended for highly self-motivated students who hold professional degrees in architecture or interior architecture/design. The programs emphasize disciplinary-focused independent thesis work with the goal of cultivating specialized interests and expertise within the disciplines. To this end, students: enroll in courses that focus on research methodology and presentation/publication; work with members of the faculty to develop a relevant and structured research agenda; enroll in program electives that support their research agenda; and develop and present a research project in an area of interest.

Application Requirements

Applicants for graduate study in either Architecture or Interior Architecture must meet the general requirements for admission to the University.

In addition, applicants must submit and/or satisfy the following:

  1. A Statement of Purpose, 150-200 words in length.
  2. Three letters of recommendation (only one of which may be from a Marywood University faculty member).
  3. If requested, a personal interview with the School's Graduate Admissions Committee.
  4. A portfolio of design projects, with narrative descriptions, submitted no later than one month before the last official registration date. The School's Graduate Admissions Committee will evaluate the portfolio for its diversity of project types, the complexity of programs resolved, and the quality of visual and written presentation and communication. The purpose of this review is to determine if the student is suitably prepared to meet the rigors of advanced professional study.
  5. Any applicant who, in the judgment of the School's Graduate Admissions Committee, lacks adequate undergraduate preparation to pursue this degree program, will be required to take additional coursework, thereby extending the program completion period beyond one year. The extent and nature of this coursework will be determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee after reviewing all required application materials.
  6. For students holding a Marywood undergraduate degree in the discipline, a minimum QPA of 3.0 (or "B") is required for admission to the program. For those holding undergraduate degrees from other institutions, a minimum overall QPA of 3.0 (or "B") is expected. Individuals who do not meets this minimum QPA requirement (or other requirements), but demonstrate outstanding or unusual qualifications that promise significant contributions to the program, may petition for a special review by the School's Graduate Admissions Committee.

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