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Interior architects/designers create the specific character of spaces for human use and enjoyment. Interior architects must understand the important role of materials, colors, textures, and light in the creation of interior spaces that respond to the physical, social, psychological, and cultural needs of building users.

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Degree Track: Master of Art in Studio Art

(concentration in Interior Architecture/Design)

The M.A. program in Interior Architecture at Marywood University is one of a limited number of Interior Architecture programs in the United States which is fully integrated into a school of architecture. Consequently, students in both the Architecture and Interior Architecture degree tracks are exposed to experimental pedagogies and techniques for creative project explorations. Importantly, both programs are designed to consider new expectations and challenges within these continually evolving professions.

The School’s commitment to the ethic of Environmental Stewardship resonates throughout studio projects and related coursework. Interior Architecture graduates are increasingly called upon to be familiar with sustainably designed and produced building products and environments, and we encourage our students to explore new material uses, technologies, and fabrication methods. In turn, emerging social trends, diverse cultural needs, and mounting environmental challenges will continue to introduce new professional contexts within which our graduates will work.


This 36–credit degree is available to students who have completed a 4-year baccalaureate degree in Interior Architecture or Interior Design from an accredited NASAD, CIDA or NAAB program. The degree in intended for those who wish to pursue more advanced studies in Interior Architecture with an emphasis on Sustainability and Adaptive Reuse. 
This degree track is a full-time program consisting of an initial intensive summer session (6 credits), followed by a sequential two-semester, 30-credit course of study (Fall: 15 credits; Spring: 15 credits). 


One of two degree options may be pursued:

A. 4+1 Fast-Track Option

This track is designed for those students who have received their 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Architecture/Design) undergraduate degree from Marywood. Course content for this graduate degree is formulated to build sequentially on this earlier degree track.

For information on graduate application requirements, please see the School of Architecture’s Application Requirements section in this Catalog.

B. One-Year Option

This track is designed for individuals who have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree in an accredited Interior Architecture/Design program and can demonstrate sufficient evidence that they are academically prepared to pursue advanced professional studies.


The Master of Art in Studio Art (concentration in Interior Architecture/Design) degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). 

Course of Study (Typical)

Year 1


IARC 513 Thesis Research
IARC 514 Issues in Contemporary Interior Architecture
  Total 6


IARC 510 Design Thesis I 6
IARC 512 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
IARC 516 Visual Culture and the Built Environment
IARC 599A Principles of Adaptive Reuse
  Total 15


IARC 520 Design Thesis II 6
IARC 522 Detailing Interior Architecture
IARC 525 Thesis Documentation
IARC 5XX Program Elective
  Total 15

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