College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate programs in the Humanities, Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and Business and Managerial Sciences. At the graduate level, students can pursue the Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, Biotechnology, and Business.

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Dean: Frances M. Zauhar, Ph.D.

Mission Statement

A graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will possess an inquisitive mind, one eager to search out the truth and explore the vast and infinite possibilities and opportunities that bring dignity to and enrich all life. In the words of Albert Einstein, the "arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom."

As a College at a Catholic University, we present to our students the fundamentals of Catholic identity, with an emphasis on Gospel values. We are also committed to imparting an awareness of the essential characteristics crucial to understanding our interdependent world, and the cultural, religious, philosophical, social, economic, political, and scientific challenges it faces.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Marywood University aspires to foster in its students a conscious understanding of the complexities, enduring themes, and problems that are central to human experience.

  • Our instructional efforts are directed towards preparing students for a lifetime of achievement, leadership, and service, by providing them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to respond effectively to the needs and challenges of an interdependent world.
  • Our intellectual focus is directed towards assisting students to become acquainted with and to examine critically their innermost being, as well as their multiple relationships with others and the natural world.
  • Our moral responsibility is to encourage students to develop fully their ethical sensibilities and to contribute, in their lives and work, to the well-being of our common humanity.

Areas of Study (Graduate)

Division of Humanities and Social Science

  • Criminal Justice: For those wishing professional preparation in fields related to the administration and management of criminal justice agencies.


Division of Mathematics and Sciences

  • Biotechnology: For those seeking education and training in this broad field which encompasses discovery/molecular research, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and ecology, all of which profoundly affect society. 

    This interdisciplinary program combines contemporary research in science with management and business understanding.


Division of Management

  • Business and Managerial Science: The MBA degree enables students to acquire and further develop their managerial and leadership competencies to successfully meet the dynamic challenges of a knowledge-based society and to nurture values conducive to ethical and socially responsible behavior.

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