User Support Services provides computing facilities, worldwide networking access, and related services in support of Marywood University’s commitment to providing high-­quality, usable technology for its students, faculty, and staff. This commitment includes access to the Internet and World Wide Web, both on campus and off campus, as well as access to dozens of academic software packages in eleven computer labs and drop-­in facilities in various areas around campus. There is at least one lab in each classroom building with a 24-­hour student lab located in Loughran Hall. Labs are constantly being upgraded to provide the latest in computing technology. Each lab is also equipped with a PC that has Assistive Technology software.

There are several drop-­in computer areas in the Learning Resources Center (LRC). Computer access is available to students at all times when the LRC is open: 91 hours per week with extended hours during and prior to the week of final exams each semester. Computer lab software includes, but is not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office (Windows version includes Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher)
  • web page development tools 
  • specialized art, business, education, music, and science software 
  • the statistical package, SPSS 
  • The lab PCs are also equipped with Assistive Technology software and hardware. The computers are placed on tables that can be raised and lowered to accommodate various user needs.

Each lab is supported for printing needs by laser printers to provide high-quality printing for class assignments and résumés. In addition to the mainstream facilities for preparing classroom assignments, such as reports, there are also scanners for both graphics and text. All labs are networked via a high-speed fiber optic link to the central Academic Information Services computer, which provides an Internet gateway as well as access to Marywood's online library catalog. Electronic mail, web-browsing, bulletin-board services and access to world-wide computer network resources are available to all regularly enrolled students.


In addition to providing support that constitutes the technology infrastructure of Marywood University, User Support staff also provides help in the form of:

  • Trained students staff all major labs during much of the time the labs are open. In order to answer questions and troubleshoot problems, assistance is also provided by calling the Help Desk located in the LRC, second floor.
  • Consultation on computer purchases is provided by the Director of User Support Services.
  • Computer workshops, which are generally held in the training alcove on the third floor of the LRC, help students use computers more effectively. Workshops are scheduled and presented by various members of the staff. Calendars of the workshops are posted in the LRC and published on Marywood’s web page. All workshops are free to Marywood students, faculty, and staff.
  • Documentation prepared by the User Support staff provides simple step­by­step instructions on how to use various types of software. This documentation can be easily found on the web by selecting the Tech Help link on Marywood’s home page