Current Members:

    • Ms. Molly Baron - Chair
    • Ms. Mary Reggie - Secretary
    • Mr. Michael Finegan
    • Dr. Deanne Dulik Garver
    • Ms. Nancy Gibbons
    • Mr. David Isgan 
    • Mr. Michael Kondrat
    • Ms. Cheryl Kosydar
    • Mr. Myron Marcinek
    • Ms. Linda McDade
    • Dr. Aaron Simmons
    • Ms. Patricia Trapper
    • Ms. Deborah Wardach

        The Employee Health and Safety Committee has three main functions:

        1. Detect hazards
        2. Analyze and solve problems related to safety and health
        3. Assist in the management of safety

        In addition, the Committee

        • strives to create a campus-wide awareness of the importance of safety;
        • provides opportunities for discussion of issues related to accidents;
        • reviews existing accident and illness prevention programs and plans education campaigns;
        • establishes procedures for conducting and documenting the findings of periodic workplace inspection;
        • accepts suggestions from the campus community related to a safe working environment;
        • makes recommendations to correct hazards;
        • reviews, in a timely manner, incidents resulting in work-related deaths, injuries, illnesses, and complaints;
        • conducts evaluations on the effectiveness of new safety equipment;
        • evaluates health and safety procedures.

        Offical Committee Description

        2016 Minutes

        .pdf file SafetyCommitteeJanuary2016minutes.pdf 105 kb .pdf
        pdf file Safety Committee January 2016 minutes 105 kb .pdf

        Minutes Archive