Campus Safety: Employee Health and Safety Committee

The Employee Health and Safety Committee

  1. Detects hazards
  2. Analyzes and solve problems related to safety and health
  3. Assists in the management of safety

In addition, the Committee

  • strives to create a campus-wide awareness of the importance of safety;
  • provides opportunities for discussion of issues related to accidents;
  • reviews existing accident and illness prevention programs and plans education campaigns;
  • establishes procedures for conducting and documenting the findings of periodic workplace inspection;
  • accepts suggestions from the campus community related to a safe working environment;
  • makes recommendations to correct hazards;
  • reviews, in a timely manner, incidents resulting in work-related deaths, injuries, illnesses, and complaints;
  • conducts evaluations on the effectiveness of new safety equipment;
  • evaluates health and safety procedures.

Offical Committee Description

Current Members:

  • Myron Marcinek, Chair
  • Eileen Joyce, Secretary
  • Dina Kornish
  • Martin O'Connor
  • Kimberly Padden
  • Dr. Deanne Dulik Garver (interim)
  • Katrina Powell
  • Mary Reggie
  • Deborah Wardach
  • Sara Sauers
  • Maura Smith
  • Michael Pasqualicchio
  • George Marcinek
  • Kevin Kuna
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