Campus Safety: Missing Persons



This policy provides a procedure to be followed by University officials in the event a student is reported missing. It was developed to furnish information, and act as a guideline for officials to follow. The procedure includes contacting the student’s emergency contact as listed on his/her Emergency Information card, as well as involving the appropriate jurisdictional law enforcement authorities.


In the event a student is reported missing, the Chief of Campus Safety will notify the Assistant Vice Presidents for Student Life, no later than 24 hours after receipt of the report, to contact the individual listed on the emergency information card. This information card will be disseminated to resident students prior to their assuming occupancy in the residence halls, and it will be mandatory for all resident students to complete the card.

If a missing report is received on a student under the age of 18, and he/she is not an emancipated individual, the Dean of Students will immediately contact the student’s legal guardian upon receiving the information.

The Chief of Campus Safety will contact one, or more, of the following law enforcement agencies: Dunmore Police [(570) 343-0851], Scranton Police [(570) 348-4141], or the Pennsylvania State Police- Dunmore barracks [(570) 963-3156]. The initial contact will be to the appropriate jurisdictional authority, and the Chief of Campus Safety will reserve the right to contact all of the above. The Chief of Campus Safety will also activate the University’s internal emergency response team.