Campus Safety: Handicap Parking

Revised September 20, 2011

Handicap Parking

Use of a handicap parking space is restricted by law to vehicles occupied by persons who are handicapped and which display an authorized handicapped plate, placard or permit. Persons issued a state plate, placard or permit must have a state issued handicapped I.D. card on their possession.

It is not legal for any person to use parking reserved for whom the handicapped plate, placard, or permit was issued is not in the vehicle.

A number of parking spaces on campus have been reserved as “Handicap Parking”. These spaces are typically located in the lots and rows closest to buildings.

Students, faculty and staff that have a valid handicap plate or placard issued by their home states department of transportation must provide their issued card upon registering their vehicle on campus. Once campus safety receives documentation, a handicap sticker will be provided to the student, faculty or staff member at no additional cost. The sticker must be displayed next to their Marywood University parking pass.

Registering Vehicle (Handicap)

  • Persons with disabilities that require a handicap registration plate or placard must complete required form with Department of Transportation where their vehicle is registered.
  • When registering your vehicle with the Department of Campus Safety you will be required to complete the same paperwork as all other students, faculty and staff in addition to;
    • A copy of your state issued disability card from the Department of Transportation where your vehicle is registered is required to receive a handicap parking sticker.
    • When proper documents are received during registration you will receive a handicap parking sticker to be placed next to your Marywood University parking pass.


Enforcement of Handicap Parking

  • All unregistered vehicles will be issued tickets by the Department of Campus Safety
  • Vehicles on Campus with Handicap plate or placard must also display the handicap sticker provided by Campus Safety during registration.
  • Students, faculty and staff are prohibited from using handicap placards/registrations and stickers that are not issued to them on Marywood property.
  • Violations for handicap parking will be issued tickets at the cost of $100.00.