Campus Safety: Parking Regulations

Motor Vehicle Regulations and Parking Information (revised January 2017)

Citation Appeals Process

The parking regulations and procedures for Marywood University was developed in accordance with regulations set forth in Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Any person in control of a motor vehicle (including motorcycle) who wishes to park or leave standing on campus are subject to the provisions outlined herein. Vehicles parked on the campus of Marywood University must display a valid parking decal or a daily parking permit, which are available in the Campus Safety Department.

General parking regulations including lot designations, enforcement hours, and parking fee rates are updated annually and published on our website and in the student handbook.

I. General Parking Provisions (all parking areas)

  • All permits must be clearly visible and properly displayed to be valid (adhered to lower drivers side windshield above inspection sticker)
  • Decals are not transferrable between parties; they can be used only by the person to whom the decal was assigned.
  • Vehicles parked on campus must be in operable condition, currently registered with the Department of Transportation and display proof of current registration.
  • Yellow zones are for the loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds, powered scooters, and motorized bikes are prohibited from parking at bicycle racks.
  • Double parking is prohibited on any campus roadway.
  • Sleeping overnight in vehicles is prohibited.
  • Abandoned vehicles, vehicles with 5 or more citations, or those that pose a serious hazardous condition will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  • Marywood University assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked on campus.

II. Motor Vehicle Regulations

  • A valid permit must be displayed on the vehicle.
  • It is not necessary to purchase more than one parking pass.
  • Parking permits must be displayed on the inside driver’s side windshield. Vehicles are not considered registered unless the permit is displayed.

III. Handicap Parking

  • Use of a handicap parking space is restricted by law to vehicles occupied by persons who are handicapped and which display an authorized handicapped plate, placard or permit. Persons issued a state plate, placard or permit must have a state issued handicapped I.D. card on their possession.
  • It is not legal for any person to use parking reserved for whom the handicapped plate, placard or permit was issued is not in the vehicle.
  • Students, faculty or staff that have a valid handicap plate or placard from their department of transportation must provide their issued card upon registering their vehicle. Once campus safety receives documentation, a handicap sticker will be provided to the student, faculty or staff member at no additional cost, to be displayed next to their Marywood University parking pass.

IV. Vehicle Permits

  1. Permits can be applied for online and picked up at the Department of Campus Safety in the Nazareth Student Center with a valid photo ID. If the permit is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Department of Campus Safety immediately.
  2. Faculty / Staff permits are issued as needed. The permits are valid for the duration of employment. A permit may be obtained by bringing a copy of your vehicle registration and photo ID to the Department of Campus Safety.
  3. Visitors / Guests may receive temporary parking passes free of charge. A one-day or temporary pass can be obtained by contacting the Department of Campus Safety located in basement of Nazareth Hall, or by calling 570-348-6242. No permits are required during times when school is not in session, however all signs restricting parking must be enforced.
  4. All students must obtain a new parking permit at the beginning of the academic year.

V. Where to Park

All parking lots require a permit to park unless noted otherwise above. Parking lot locations and designations:

  1. Tennis Courts/Maintenance/Healthy Family Center: Faculty/Staff
  2. Visual Arts Center - Lower Lot: Commuter Students
  3. Visual Arts Center - Upper Lot: Faculty/Staff
  4. Liberal Arts Center Lot: Faculty/Administration
  5. Performing Arts Center: Faculty/Staff
  6. Conway Circle: Admissions Only
  7. Nazareth Student Center - Small Lot: Commuter Students
  8. Nazareth Student Center - Large Lot: Commuter Students
  9. University Avenue Hill: Staff
  10. McGowan Center - Large Lot: Residents/General
  11. McGowan Center - Side Lot: Faculty
  12. Center for Athletics and Wellness - Rear Lot: Open to all permits/visitors-except resident
  13. Center for Athletics and Wellness - Front Lot: Handicapped as marked and 4 visitor spots as marked
  14. Veterans Resource Center: Veterans Center Guests Only
  15. Upper and Lower Softball Fields: Residents
  16. Maria Hall: University Advancement
  17. Dimmick Court: Faculty
  18. Admissions: 2 reserved spots in front of the LAC
  19. Swartz Center: 6 Staff (Campus Ministry, Conference & Events Staff); 11 Visitors (the visitors designations are for off campus visitors only, they are not for faculty, students or staff)
  20. Jackson Court (Front of SOA/VAC): Handicapped Parking and 15 Minute Drop Off Area. No Parking in Grass or the Circles

VI. Traffic Regulations

  • Student/Faculty/Staff obtaining a parking decal are responsible for violations incurred by their vehicle on Marywood property. The registered individual will be responsible for all violations of parking and traffic regulations. Permit-holders are not permitted to loan, sell or transfer the use of their decal on any other vehicle.
  • A vehicle will be considered in violation and be fined $50.00 if;

1) Not properly registered

2) Stopped or standing in a fire zone

3) Parked in a no parking zone

5) Speeding or driving recklessly. [Campus Speed limit is set at 10mph]

  • All vehicles parked in a fire lane or handicap parking space are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Local law enforcement is also permitted to enforce parking violations on campus.

VII. Vehicles Not Registered

Any vehicle on campus that is not registered will be ticketed, the registration will be recorded. After the third offense involving the unregistered vehicle, a warning decal will be placed on the vehicle. The operator/owner has 24 hours to register the vehicle with Campus Safety. Failing to register the vehicle after the third violation will result in the vehicle being wheel locked (booted). The owner/operator must take the following steps to have the “boot” removed;

  • Pay a $25.00 wheel lock removal fee
  • Recommend that the vehicle be registered to avoid further sanctions.

VIII. Registered Vehicles

  • All vehicle operators must recognize that Department of Campus Safety personnel have the authority to investigate the use of a particular lot, or deny access to a lot. Application for a receipt of a permit constitutes agreement to follow all parking regulations. Registered vehicles that accumulate in excess of $100.00 in fines and fail to pay will be subject to having their parking privileges revoked. If this action is taken, no refund of the permit fee will be considered. Re-instatement of parking privileges will only be considered after all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

IX. Citation Appeals Process

    • The procedures herein apply to all Marywood University faculty, staff, students, visitors and others that use University owned parking facilities. This procedure is designed assist the University administration in evaluating the parking program, to highlight problem areas, to provide learning experiences to those who receive citations while using Marywood University parking facilities, to provide an avenue to correct enforcement errors, and to provide a means of redress.
      1. Requests for an appeal should be made by completing a written appeal form which is provided outside the Campus Safety Office.
      2. The Appeal and proof of payment must be submitted to the Campus Safety Office within (30) days of  issuance to be considered, failure to do both will void the appeal process. Once the Citation is voided the appeal process is complete and the payment will be refunded.  If an Appeal is returned for lack of payment, the appeal can be resubmitted with the proper documentation prior to the next months meeting.
      3. A parking panel consisting of the Chief of Campus Safety (Chair), 1 faculty member, 1 professional staff member, 1 undergraduate commuter student, 1 undergraduate resident student and 1 support staff member will review all appeals on a monthly basis.
      4. All students, faculty and staff making appeals will receive a written notice on the disposition of their appeal.

X. Towing Regulation

Vehicles found in violation of the following may be towed from campus to a designated storage facility:

      1. Unauthorized parking in a space designated 24 hour towing
      2. Unauthorized parking in handicap space
      3. Parking in a no parking area, landscape or sidewalk.
      4. Repeat offenders parked illegally. Repeat offenders will be defined as those who have received five or more citations. (paid or unpaid) in a six month period.
      5. Abandoned vehicles
      6. Unauthorized parking in a reserve space and/or lot
      7. A vehicle that has an immobilization device on it and remains unclaimed after 24 hours.
      8. In addition to any fine assessed, the owner of a towed vehicle is responsible for payment of any towing and/or storage fee charge for such towing.

XI. Vehicle Immobilization (Booting)

      1. Any vehicle which has four or more unpaid citations may be immobilized by use of a wheel boot.
      2. Wheel boots must be removed by Marywood University Campus Safety, following payment of the boot removal fee and all other outstanding fines.

XII. Miscellaneous

      1. The following blocks in the Borough of Dunmore are restricted to “Permit Parking Only”. The residential permits give exclusive use ONLY to the registered homeowner or resident.

a) 1300 -1400 College Ave

b) 2200 Madison Ave

c) 1300-1400 Woodlawn Street

d) 2100 Adams Ave

e) 2100-2200 Jefferson Ave.

      1. The following blocks in the City of Scranton are restricted to “Permit Parking Only”. The residential permits give exclusive use ONLY to the registered homeowner or resident.

a) 1200 University Ave. (residential side only)

b) 2400 Dimmick Court

c) 1200 Seminary Street (residential side only)

d) 2300 North Washington Ave

e) 2500 North Washington Ave

f) 2200-2300 Adams Ave

g) 1200 Woodlawn Street

XIII. Parking Committee

      1. The University also has a standing committee “parking committee “ that is responsible for

a) Assessing the parking needs of various constituencies

b) Formulating suggested policy and procedures

c) Recommends changes to existing parking rules and regulations