Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
06/20/16 08:45 PM Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts

A window was damaged in the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts in Room 92. 

Scranton Police Department Open
05/06/16 08:45 AM Immaculata Hall Parking Lot

Vandalism to a parking sign in the Immaculata Hall Parking Lot.

N/A Open
04/28/16 03:00 AM Loughran Hall

The wall paper in Loughran Hall was peeled off the wall.

N/A Open
04/27/16 06:45 AM CNHS Building

The vending machine in the CNHS Building was broken into.

N/A Open
04/24/16 02:30 PM Woodlands Parking Lot

Damaged windshield in the Woodlands Parking Lot.

Scranton Police Department Open
04/11/16 06:00 PM Loughran Hall

A resident student was being harassed by a non resident student.

Dunmore Police Department Open
04/01/16 12:30 PM Sette LaVerghetta Center

Housekeeper reported $20.00 missing from her purse.

N/A Open
03/23/16 09:30 AM Liberal Arts Center / Regina Hall

The International Affairs sign was taken down, a set of keys found on the 2nd floor of LAC and the outside door handle was broken in Regina  Hall.

N/A Open
03/20/16 03:15 AM Woodlands 2 Apartment 7

Vandalism - Woodlands 2 Apartment 7 was covered in shaving cream and another resident had her car egged.

N/A Reported
03/16/16 10:45 AM Liberal Arts Center - Room 113

Theft - The door stop/locking system was taken from Liberal Arts Center Room 113.

N/A Open
03/15/16 01:45 AM Liberal Arts Center - Room 111

Blackboard in Room 111 was damaged.

N/A Reported
03/13/16 10:15 AM Liberal Arts Center/Regina Hall


N/A Open
02/08/16 01:45 AM Insalaco Center for Studio Arts

A student reported her art supplies were taken from the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts.

N/A Reported
02/08/16 08:00 AM Liberal Arts Center Room 128

Housekeeping reported graffiti written on the blackboard in Liberal Arts Center Room 128.

N/A Reported
12/14/15 06:30 AM Liberal Arts Center

30 K-Cups were taken from a housekeeping closet.

N/A Open
12/14/15 06:45 PM Liberal Arts Center

Graffiti found on the restroom wall.

N/A Open
12/04/15 02:30 AM Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA

A commuter student reported she was sexually assaulted off campus on December 4, 2015 at 2:30 AM.

Scranton Police Department Reported
10/16/15 11:30 AM Studio Arts Center

Two LED 4 strip bulbs were taken from the Studio Arts Center.

N/A Open
10/05/15 02:30 PM Learning Commons

A wireless keyboard and mouse was taken from the Learning Commons Room 333.

N/A Open
09/24/15 07:00 AM Loughran Hall

On the above date Campus Safety Desk Staff at Loughran Hall received a bomb threat.

Dunmore Police Department/Scranton Police Open
09/22/15 01:30 PM Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts

Housekeeping reported 250 rolls of toilet paper were missing from the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts.

N/A Open
09/22/15 01:30 PM Learning Commons

Someone wrote on the windows of the Learning Commons.

N/A Reported
09/13/15 11:30 AM Woodlands Parking Lot

A baseball shatter the windshield of a resident student which vehicle was parked in the Woodlands parking lot.

N/A Open
09/07/15 12:00 PM Adams Avenue

Marywood Banner is missing from Adams Avenue.

N/A Charges
09/05/15 11:30 PM Turf Field

Property damage at the Turf Field Women's Restroom.

N/A Open