Campus Safety: Daily Crime Log

Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
04/25/21 04:00 PM McGowan Center

A tent and sign was damaged outside of the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
10/01/20 02:15 PM Swartz Center

It was reported that a theft of one Home Speaker and one Home Headset was taken from the Swartz Center Storage area.

N/A Open
09/02/20 08:30 AM Upper Freshman Lot

Destruction/Vandalism to the shed in the Upper Freshman Lot.

N/A Open
08/23/20 12:00 AM South Campus

Destruction/Damage/Vandalism and broken windows at South Campus.

N/A Open
05/08/20 11:00 AM Nazareth Hall

Theft-Larceny - A case of face masks were taken from Nazareth Hall.

N/A Open
12/05/19 03:30 PM Swartz Center Parking Lot

A student had her car parked in the Swartz Center Parking Lot and when she returned to her car she noticed the windshield was broken. 

N/A Open
11/25/19 02:00 AM Woodland Bldg. 6 - Apartment 6

Student kicked in door and damaged said door.

N/A Open
11/22/19 03:45 PM Learning Commons

A power cord was cut in the Learning Commons Room 335.

N/A Open
11/21/19 11:45 AM Upper Freshman Lot

A resident student reported his vehicle was parked in the Upper Freshman Lot and was vandalized.  The vehicle was scratched and profanity was written on the vehicle.

N/A Open
10/06/19 04:00 PM Woodland Apartment #8

Campus Safety noticed a vehicle parked in front of the Woodlands Apartment #8 with a smashed window.

N/A Open
09/14/19 03:30 PM Loughran Hall

A female resident student reported to Campus Safety that she is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend who attends a college in New York.  Campus Safety contacted said ex-boyfriend and he agreed not to come to Marywood.

N/A Reported
08/15/19 02:45 AM McGowan Center

A Leak was found in the ceiling of the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
07/11/19 08:30 AM Shields Center for Visual Arts

A MAC Computer, keyboard and mouse were found missing from the Shields Center for Visual Arts in room 128.

N/A Open
05/09/19 09:45 AM Madonna Hall

A parking sign was found behind Madonna Hall dumpster.

N/A Open
05/08/19 10:15 AM Nazareth Hall Room 201C

Lamp was found smashed in Nazareth Hall Room 201C.

N/A Open
05/06/19 11:15 AM McGowan Center Room 1044

Supplies missing from the McGowan Center 1044.

N/A Open
05/04/19 01:15 PM Loughran Hal 333

A resident student in Loughran Hall Room 333 reported being assaulted by two other students.

Dunmore Police Department Reported
05/04/19 11:00 PM Shields Center for Visual Arts

There was a hole found in the wall on the second floor.

N/A Reported
04/11/19 12:15 PM Science Center

A student reported that she was sexually assaulted in the Science Center.

N/A Open
04/10/19 04:15 PM Liberal Arts Center

Graffiti was found in the men's bathroom in the Liberal Arts Center.

N/A Open
04/02/19 05:00 AM Pit Parking Lot

A vehicle boot was removed and taken from a booted vehicle in the Pit Parking Lot.

Dunmore Police Department Open
04/01/19 09:00 AM McGowan Center

A mailbox was damaged which was located outside of Room 1038 in the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
03/18/19 06:30 AM LAC/Regina Hall Breezeway

Vandals discharged a dry powder fire extinguisher in the LAC/Regina Hall breezeway.

N/A Open
02/25/19 01:15 PM South Campus

Six (6) stained glass windows were taken out of South Campus.

N/A Open
12/04/18 05:45 AM Liberal Arts Center

It was reported to Campus Safety that the Financial Aid Office in the Liberal Arts Center was vandalized.

N/A Open