Campus Safety: Daily Crime Log

Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
01/25/22 11:00 AM Nazareth Hall Bookstore

The Bookstore Manager reported a resident student stole a shirt on 1/24/22.

N/A Open
10/19/21 07:00 PM Nazareth Hall Dining Room

A student reported while in the Nazareth Hall Dining room someone took cash from her wallet.

N/A Open
10/13/21 03:30 PM Upper Freshman Lot

Resident student parked in the Upper Freshman Lot reported the catalytic converter was taken from his vehicle.

N/A Open
10/05/21 11:30 AM Upper Freshman Parking Lot

Resident student reported her vehicle was parked in the Upper Freshman Parking Lot and the catalytic converter was stolen.   Dunmore Police were notified.

Dunmore Police Open
04/25/21 04:00 PM McGowan Center

A tent and sign was damaged outside of the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
10/01/20 02:15 PM Swartz Center

It was reported that a theft of one Home Speaker and one Home Headset was taken from the Swartz Center Storage area.

N/A Open
09/02/20 08:30 AM Upper Freshman Lot

Destruction/Vandalism to the shed in the Upper Freshman Lot.

N/A Open
08/23/20 12:00 AM South Campus

Destruction/Damage/Vandalism and broken windows at South Campus.

N/A Open
05/08/20 11:00 AM Nazareth Hall

Theft-Larceny - A case of face masks were taken from Nazareth Hall.

N/A Open
12/05/19 03:30 PM Swartz Center Parking Lot

A student had her car parked in the Swartz Center Parking Lot and when she returned to her car she noticed the windshield was broken. 

N/A Open
11/25/19 02:00 AM Woodland Bldg. 6 - Apartment 6

Student kicked in door and damaged said door.

N/A Open
11/22/19 03:45 PM Learning Commons

A power cord was cut in the Learning Commons Room 335.

N/A Open
11/21/19 11:45 AM Upper Freshman Lot

A resident student reported his vehicle was parked in the Upper Freshman Lot and was vandalized.  The vehicle was scratched and profanity was written on the vehicle.

N/A Open
10/06/19 04:00 PM Woodland Apartment #8

Campus Safety noticed a vehicle parked in front of the Woodlands Apartment #8 with a smashed window.

N/A Open
09/14/19 03:30 PM Loughran Hall

A female resident student reported to Campus Safety that she is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend who attends a college in New York.  Campus Safety contacted said ex-boyfriend and he agreed not to come to Marywood.

N/A Reported
08/15/19 02:45 AM McGowan Center

A Leak was found in the ceiling of the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
07/11/19 08:30 AM Shields Center for Visual Arts

A MAC Computer, keyboard and mouse were found missing from the Shields Center for Visual Arts in room 128.

N/A Open
05/09/19 09:45 AM Madonna Hall

A parking sign was found behind Madonna Hall dumpster.

N/A Open
05/08/19 10:15 AM Nazareth Hall Room 201C

Lamp was found smashed in Nazareth Hall Room 201C.

N/A Open
05/06/19 11:15 AM McGowan Center Room 1044

Supplies missing from the McGowan Center 1044.

N/A Open
05/04/19 01:15 PM Loughran Hal 333

A resident student in Loughran Hall Room 333 reported being assaulted by two other students.

Dunmore Police Department Reported
05/04/19 11:00 PM Shields Center for Visual Arts

There was a hole found in the wall on the second floor.

N/A Reported
04/11/19 12:15 PM Science Center

A student reported that she was sexually assaulted in the Science Center.

N/A Open
04/10/19 04:15 PM Liberal Arts Center

Graffiti was found in the men's bathroom in the Liberal Arts Center.

N/A Open
04/02/19 05:00 AM Pit Parking Lot

A vehicle boot was removed and taken from a booted vehicle in the Pit Parking Lot.

Dunmore Police Department Open