Campus Safety: Daily Crime Log

Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
10/05/18 01:30 PM Center for Athletics and Wellness Center

It was reported to Campus Safety that several items were taken from a locker in the Women's Locker Room at the Center for Athletics and Wellness Center.

N/A Open
09/20/18 09:15 PM Nazareth Hall Game Room

A student reported her wallet was missing from the Game Room in Nazareth Hall.

N/A Reported
09/17/18 12:00 PM Nazareth Hall

A student was using pacer points of another student and has agreed to pay the owner of the card back for the charges she unlawfully used.

N/A Reported
09/04/18 01:45 PM Madonna Hall

The washing machine on the 2nd floor of Madonna Hall was found to be vandalized.  The washing machine has a cracked drum and also the door was damaged.

N/A Open
08/16/18 12:00 AM Nazareth Hall

The mouse was found missing from PC 4370 in the Computer Room in Nazareth Hall.

N/A Open
08/05/18 03:00 PM Athletic Center

It has been reported that bottles of Gatorade have been missing from the Athletic Center and has been happening for several weeks.

N/A Open
06/04/18 10:15 PM Field House Men's Restroom

The mirror and and sign were found to be damaged at the Field House Men's Restroom

N/A Open
05/04/18 01:45 PM Learning Commons

A female student reported to Campus Safety that she is being harassed by a male (non student) on and off Campus.  The male was issued a Trespass Warning and Dunmore Police interviewed him.

Dunmore Police Department Reported
04/25/18 08:45 AM Visual Arts Center

Graffiti was found in the Men's restroom in the Visual Arts Center.

N/A Open
04/16/18 01:00 PM Liberal Arts Center

A housekeeper reported that in the Liberal Arts Center housekeeping closet 20/25 prescription Ibuprofen pills were taken from her purse.

N/A Open
03/02/18 08:00 AM Loughran Hall

A vintage coffee pot was taken from Loughran Hall.

N/A Open
02/12/18 01:00 PM Loughran Hall

Vandalism in Loughran Hall Rooms 116A and 116B and also the corridor.

N/A Open
02/08/18 12:00 PM Studio Arts Center

A sculpture and a television were taken from the SAC.

N/A Open
01/11/18 03:45 PM Conway Circle

The Nativity scene near Conway Circle was damaged and objects were smashed.

N/A Open
12/13/17 11:00 PM Regina Hall

A resident student was being harassed by an anonymous phone caller.

Dunmore Police Department Open
11/18/17 12:00 AM McGowan Center

A coffee pot was taken from the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
11/14/17 10:15 AM McGowan Center Room 1044

Campus Safety was called to McGowan Center Room 1044 and it was reported by the housekeepers that two (2) digital clocks were missing from said storage room.

N/A Open
11/01/17 02:30 PM Nazareth Student Center

A Dining Service employee reported that a Candelabra was taken from the Dining Room located in the Nazareth Student Center.

N/A Open
10/30/17 03:45 PM McGowan Center - Atrium Cafe

Three (3) cases of water was taken from the Atrium Cafe located in the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
10/04/17 03:45 PM Science Center

Student was found with a weapon on campus.  Scranton, Dunmore and Throop Police were called and subsequently removed student from campus.

Scranton, Dunmore and Throop Reported
09/29/17 02:45 AM Learning Commons

An exterior window in the Learning Commons was damaged.

N/A Open
09/28/17 09:30 PM Nazareth Hall

MOD taken from the charging station #8 in Nazareth Hall.

N/A Reported
09/17/17 04:30 AM Regina Hall Basement

A vending machine in Regina Hall basement was broken into and vandalized.

N/A Open
09/15/17 07:30 AM O'Neill Center

The American Flag is missing from the O'Neill Center.

N/A Open
09/08/17 12:45 AM Nazareth Hall

A Chartwell employee stated that a bottle of Gatorade was taken from behind the counter in the Dining Room.

N/A Open