Campus Safety: Operation Identification

Operation Identification is part of the Marywood University Crime Watch program designed to help prevent burglary.

How It Works

You engrave your Drivers License Number onto valuables such as stereos, cameras, TV sets, computers. Then, you place a small Operation I.D. sticker on exterior doors and windows warning housebreakers that all valuables on the premises are marked for easy identification.

Everyone is urged to participate. The program is designed to help protect your business as well as your home.

How Does the Program Prevent Burglaries

Law enforcement officers know that the average burglar is an opportunist. In most cases, he doesn't care whether he breaks into your house or a neighbor's. He just wants to get in fast and steal what he can sell easily for cash.

The Operation I.D. sticker on your door warns the housebreaker to stay away. Burglars know that if they're caught with marked merchandise it's solid evidence against them. Fences don't like to handle marked items, either. So chances are, the burglar will leave your home alone and head for easier pickings.

In addition, Operation I.D. helps you recover your property if it is lost or stolen.

Join Operation Identification

Stop by the Department of Campus Safety office located in Nazareth Hall on the Second Floor and inquire about joining this program.