Date Location Cause Injuries Fire Department
02/10/16 Loughran Hall 220B Hair straightener Dunmore
01/16/16 Nazareth Hall Smoke from Panni Machine Dunmore
01/07/16 Fricchione Day Care Child pulled alarm Dunmore
12/14/15 Domiano Center for Student Life Dunmore
12/09/15 Nazareth Hall unknown Dunmore
12/02/15 Regina Hall Burnt Food Dunmore
11/13/15 Woodland Apartment 8 - Apartment 5 Hair Straightener Scranton
11/01/15 Nazareth Hall cleaning of grill Dunmore
10/29/15 Maria Hall extreme heat Dunmore
10/25/15 Nazareth Student Center steam set the sensor off Dunmore
10/23/15 Learning Resource Center Heat alarm Dunmore
10/22/15 Woodlands 4 - Apartment 11 Burnt food Scranton
10/03/15 Woodlands Apartment 4 Burnt Toast Scranton
09/19/15 Woodland Apartment 34B vapor from vap pen Scranton
09/17/15 Nazareth Hall Smoke from cooking pizza Dunmore
09/03/15 Loughran Hall Room 219B curling iron Dunmore
09/02/15 Loughran Hall 101B E-cigarette smoke Dunmore
09/01/15 Woodlands Apartment 9 Fabreeze was sprayed Scranton
08/30/15 Loughran Hall 208B Hair Dryer Dunmore
08/30/15 Regina Hall 405 E-Cigarette smoke Dunmore
08/24/15 Regina Hall Steam from shower Dunmore
08/24/15 Regina Hall Cigarette smoke Dunmore
08/17/15 Mellow Center Burnt motor Dunmore
08/11/15 Our Lady of Peace faulty smoke detector Dunmore
08/08/15 Science Center unknown Dunmore