Date Location Cause Injuries Fire Department
10/20/14 Woodlands Apartment 6 Burnt food Scranton
10/16/14 Loughran Hall 204B Steam from shower Dunmore
10/13/14 Loughran Hall 204A Steam from shower Dunmore
10/12/14 Loughran Hall 109B Overcooked food Dunmore
10/09/14 Mellow Center leaf fire Scranton
10/08/14 Loughran Hall Hairdryer Dunmore
10/03/14 Regina Hall Unknown
09/30/14 Woodland Apartment 34 Student cooking

Stand Alone Alarm - No trucks dispatched

09/16/14 Woodlands Building 5 - Apartment 13 Student cooking chicken Scranton
09/14/14 Loughran Hall Student taking a shower set the alarm off Dunmore
09/14/14 Woodlands 6 Scranton
09/10/14 Maintenance Boiler Room Dunmore
09/05/14 Woodland Buidling 3 - Apartment 7 Student cooking breakfast Scranton
09/02/14 Regina Hall Room 428 Student making popcorn Dunmore
09/01/14 Woodlands Bldg. 8 Apartment 30 Hair straightener Scranton
08/24/14 Woodland Apartment 29 Student cooking Scranton
08/12/14 Maintenance Boiler Room false alarm Dunmore
07/05/14 Science Center accidental pull

A student from Wellsprings accidently pulled the alarm.

05/10/14 Woodland Apartment 5 Student using curling iron Scranton
05/06/14 Nazareth Hall Chartwell employee cleaning grill Dunmore
05/01/14 Learning Resource Center Steam

Excessive steam activated the fire alarm.

04/27/14 School of Architectural Studies pull station was accidentally bumped Dunmore
04/21/14 Regina Hall Human error

No trucks were dispatched.

04/15/14 Woodlands Apartment 11 cooking food Scranton