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The Search Retreat takes place each year in February and focuses on exploring the various dynamics within and around students. Guided by a team of students who have already completed the Search weekend, participants reflect on the important relationships of their lives, the patterns of their own behavior, their faith, and the challenge to live the gospel each day. The Search experience unites students to a community of people who have shared Search in the past and who are committed to supporting one another.

Search Retreat - February 2-4, 2018

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Search 2018

Comments about Search:

"good bonding experience where we met a lot of new friends in a more indepth level that we had not known from our hall before. We learned a lot about ourselves through group activities and reflections."
- Katherine Bloodgood and Lynette Errante

“Search is a wonderful experience that gives all attendees a chance to take a break from the real world and focus on relationships–relationships with family, friends, God, and yourself. On the retreat, we play lots of games and activities to get to know one another, and we have some reflection time to listen and share our stories.  I can’t disclose too much about the weekend because there are so many awesome surprises that you have to find out for yourself.”
-Claire Werner, Physician Assistant Major 

“My favorite part about the retreat was knowing that the people I attended the retreat with came from all different walks of life, but we all bonded and formed a connection that helped us realize that we aren’t alone and that we can have a great support system to help us get through anything we may face in life. It still is cool to look back and know that I can count on the people I met for anything because of what we shared that weekend.”
-Lauren Riess, Speech Pathology Major

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