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Service Learning Courses at Marywood

Course Number Course Name


BUS 221 Organizational Communications
BUS 460 Group Study in Entrepreneurship
COMM 234 Video Production II
ENGL 475 Composition: Theory & Practice
ENGL 490 Feminist Writing & Rhetoric
HIST 215 Hunger in the 21st Century
M TH 171 Clinical Experience: Music Therapy

M TH 271 A,B;
371 A,B;
471 A,B

Pre-Internship Clinical Experience

M TH 271 S
371 S,
471 S

Pre-Internship Seminar
ND 392 Community Nutrition
P ED 242 Methods of Elementary Phys Ed. Lab
PSY 251 & PSY H251 Developmental Psychology
R ST 339
International Service Program
R ST 339
National/Local Service Program
S ED 100 Introduction Students with Disabilities
S ED 367 Classroom Behavior Management
SW 350 Human Behavior & Social Environment
UNIV 100 Living Responsibility in an Interdependent World


AT 540 A D Practicum in Art Therapy
CSD Clinical Practicum
D/HE 1025 - HE 525 Student Issues in Higher Ed.
D/HE 1109 - HE 609 Law & Policy in Higher Ed.
PSY 860 Practicum III
PSY 861 Practicum IV
S ED 511 Curriculum Adaptations
SW 501, 502 Foundation, Theory and Practice

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