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Spring Fling Week 2013 (Through 04/19)

When: April 14 (all day event) - Add to Calendar
Where: Campus Wide
More Info: /studentactivities/student-activities-crew/detail.html?id=0d86d1dc-4a0a-4a2f-827f-9ee37dd72a20&pageTitle=SPRING FLING WEEK&crumbTrail=SPRING FLING WEEK
Spring Fling Week 2013 (Through 04/19)

April 13 - April 19 Campus Wide

Week of FUN and FOOD Coming Your Way!

Friday April 12th

Movie Night! -9pm Fire Place Lounge

Saturday April 13th

WE THE KINGS CONCERT - 7:45pm Mellow Center
Tickets ON SALE NOW!

Monday April 14th

Bonfire and BBQ - 7pm, Art Field

Tuesday April 15th

Spring Fling Bingo and Trivia! 9pm - Fire Place Lounge

Thursday April 17th

Salsa Dancing Fiesta! 9pm - Latour Conference Room

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