Simulation flight - Aviation Department

On Saturday, Oct. 26th, students of the Marywood Aviation Program went to Simuflight, a training facility where they train professional pilots from all around the globe.

At Simuflight, we met with a man named Joe Salerno, who was the one giving us a tour of the facility. Joe has a very diverse background of aviation. He has done airline flying, corporate flying, instructing airline pilots, and currently is the pilot flying the New york Rangers, and the New York Knicks out of White Plains, NY. 

Joe was more than happy to guide us around the professional training facility, as well as share many of his personal stories of his flying career.

Joe first gave us a tour of the simulator area itself, explaining how the simulators work and all of the different kinds of aircraft available in the facility. Many of the students have never seen anything like this before and they were very impressed.

We then went an checked out a procedural trainer. This is a mockup of an aircrafts instrument panel with computer touch screens, so pilots can get proficient on checklists and the function of buttons before stepping into the simulator. Again, this is very interesting because nobody has ever seen anything like this.

We then finally got to go into "the box", meaning the real deal professional level simulator. The aircraft was a Falcon 7X, one of the most advanced private aircraft to date. Students got to feel what flying an actual jet was like, as the simulators are extremely realistic. Everyone had a blast flying this machine, and it was a great motivator for everyone to focus more on flying to one day be able to sit in that seat for a career.

Many thanks to Simuflight, Joe Salerno, and Joe McDonald for giving us this opportunity to see what professional aviation is all about.