Business: Graduate Prerequisites


Prerequisites include eight 1 credit modules*:

  1. Accounting Concepts
  2. Business Economics
  3. Computer Technologies for Management
  4. Financial Tools
  5. Managerial Concepts
  6. Marketing and Sales Concepts
  7. Legal Environment of Business, and 
  8. Business Statistics. 

As an alternative to completing multiple 1-credit modules to meet the prerequisite requirements, the SBGI faculty also offers an online 3-credit course (BUS 598 – Foundations in Business Administration) that covers all eight modules and fulfills all prerequisites.  This course is offered in the Summer I session beginning each May.

In addition, prerequisites for Management Information Systems will also include two programming languages.

Those who do not have the needed undergraduate credits may be able to fulfill the requirements through equivalency exams (DANTE and/or CLEP) or through modules offered by the Business faculty. For further information, contact the program Chairperson at

*One credit modules are open to graduate students only to satisfy undergraduate prerequisites.