Master of Health Services Administration

Master's in Health Services Administration (MHSA) 

[For Accreditation Review and Approval]

A management career in Health Services Administration allows students to gain proficiency in management skills and can improve the delivery of health services in a community. This proficiency contributes to highly successful health care delivery committed to quality. In turn, the consumers benefit from effective and efficient health care services.

The MHSA provides graduate education in healthcare administration for persons seeking careers in the management and administration of health care facilities and organizations. This degree also provides opportunities for individuals in health services to seek career improvement and development.

The MHSA provides healthcare managers with a framework for decision-making in the constantly changing healthcare environment. At the same time, the degree provides a background of operational resources for managers in the field.

Total of 36 credit hours plus the final research paper.

8 Core Courses (24 semester hours)

HSA 506 Research Theory (3 credits)
HSA 507 Organizational Dynamics (3 credits)
HSA 518 Policy and Program Analysis (3 credits)
HSA 520 Introduction to Health Services Administration (3 credits)
HSA 532 Legal Aspects of Clinical and Health Care Organizations (3 credits)
HSA 537 Managerial Decision-Making in Health Care Organizations (3 credits)
HSA 538 Institutional Budgeting and Planning (3 credits)
HSA 597 Management Project/Internship (3 credits)
Final Research Study (0 credit hour)
HSA 555 Professional Contribution  (0 credits)                                 
Electives (12 semester hours)
Students can choose four elective courses from the following:
GER 510 Concepts and Issues in Gerontology (3 credits)
GER 524 Aging Changes and Health Problems (3 credits)
HSA 524 Health Care Systems Analysis (3 credits)
HSA 525 Health Care Economics (3 credits)
GER 527 Gerontological Services Administration (3 credits)
GER 529 Planning Health Care Services for the Elderly (3 credits)
HSA 580 Epidemiology/Environmental Health (3 credits)
HSA 583 Marketing and Strategic Planning (3 credits)