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Alumni Highlight: Ms. Alicia M. Vogel

Posted by Byrne on 2017 April 23

Marywood University Education Department alumna and first grade teacher at Clarks Summit Elementary School: Ms. Alicia Vogel

Educational facilities all around the Northeast portion of the United States are aware of the outstanding education offered through Marywood University. Some departments and programs offered at Marywood are even well-known around the country. In Northeast Pennsylvania, Marywood University Education majors are not only appreciated and respected, but they are desired by school district employers when teaching positions become available.

A successful Marywood Education Department Alumna, Ms. Alicia Vogel, knows this to be true because she is currently employed through the Abington Heights School District. Although the job market for teachers can seem slim, Ms. Vogel is a successful professional working in the field now who serves as a role model with great advice for aspiring teachers.

Ms. Vogel graduated from Marywood University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education and currently resides in Dalton, PA. Since that time, she became employed by the Abington Heights School District as a substitute teacher, an ESL instructor, as well as an after school/summer reading specialist for two years until being hired full time as a first grade teacher at Clarks Summit Elementary School in 2005.

For the past 12 years, Ms. Vogel has worked with first grade students varying in ability levels and ranging from ages 6 to 7. She feels “very fortunate to have had this dream become a reality.” In addition to teaching as a first grade teacher, she also serves as a private tutor after school three to four times a week for elementary and middle school students. She even has earned two Master’s degrees: one in Classroom Technology in 2007 from Wilkes University, and the second in Reading in 2010 from King’s College. Furthermore, she also has her English as a Second Language certification.

It is no surprise that Ms. Vogel loves her job. The time and effort she puts into catering to the needs of her students is inspirational. When asked what she loves most about her job, she stated she loves when a student experiences an “AHA!” moment. She strives for the instant when “a student gets a smile on his/her face and then excitedly proceeds to finish the work because [of their] confidence and understanding.”

Ms. Vogel is grateful for “some truly exceptional professors [who put] emphasis on preparedness, organization, and flexibility” while studying here at Marywood. Her classes “involved hands on experiences, field placements and creation of materials for use in the classroom” which ultimately “played an intricate role in developing [her] into the educator that [she is] today.”

For aspiring teachers who feel discouraged with the local job market, know that you are not alone. Ms. Vogel felt similar frustration when she was searching for a full time, long-term position. If you want to have the opportunity to receive a job locally, she suggests participating in local school programs “as a way to ‘get [your] foot in the door.’” She had done so by teaching in an after school program for the Abington Heights School District, and the following year, she was permanently hired.

Ms. Alicia Vogel is only one of many alumni success stories from Marywood University. Hundreds of alumni of the Education Department have found teaching positions after graduation, and you can too. Congratulations to Ms. Alicia Vogel on her well-deserved success in her field! The Education Department and Marywood University wishes her the best of luck with the rest of her career.

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Posted by Erin Byrne

Erin Byrne, who is pursuing a master's degree in speech language pathology at Marywood, is a graduate assistant in the Reap College of Education and Human Development.

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