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2017 Reap College Department Award Recipients

Posted by Byrne on 2017 May 4

Day in and day out, countless Marywood University students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level work tirelessly towards bettering their education. Whether they are conducting unique research, providing therapy in a clinical setting, teaching in authentic classroom scenarios, or even simply writing a term paper, all Marywood students put forth their best thoughts, efforts, and work to achieve success.

Among the plethora of students in the Reap College, there are a select few whom have gone above and beyond in their work, studies, and expertise. These dedicated and intelligent students have shown consistent excellence and success in their fields of study, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The department heads and their corresponding co-workers have observed their diligence and have chosen to grace the following students with prestigious departmental awards for their outstanding service to their fields of study.

Communication Science/Disorders Department

Margaret T. Lunney Medal for Outstanding Performance in the Study of Communication Disorders

Taylor O’Neil

Honorable Mention

Samantha Michael

Education Department

The Sister M. Regina Barrett Medal for Excellence in the Program of Early Childhood Education

Rebekah Marsh

Honorable Mention

Rebecca Icker

The Rosemary Carroll Kazimer Medal for Excellence in the Program of Elementary Education

Leanne McManus

The Margaret Ruddy Dougherty Medal for Excellence in the Program of Special Education

Samantha Angst

The Sister M. Immaculata Gillespie Medal for Excellence in the Program of Secondary and K-12 Education

Heather Kani

Honorable Mention

James Chickson

Psychology Department

Medal for Excellence in Psychology

Deanna Eilenberger


Emily Banfield

Counseling Program

Haggerty Medal

Sarah Lynn Davis

Honorable Mention

Kelly Ann Clark

Ph.D. Program in Human Development

McGowan Medal in Doctoral Studies

Dr. Kelly Carroll

Although the awards are an honorable representation of the hard work and efforts put forth by these students, they also are a testament to their ability to overcome difficult challenges that they are presented with every day in their intense programs.

Their respective departments, the Reap College, and Marywood University as a whole would like to congratulate all of these extraordinary students for a job exceptionally well done.

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Posted by Erin Byrne

Erin Byrne, who is pursuing a master's degree in speech language pathology at Marywood, is a graduate assistant in the Reap College of Education and Human Development.

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