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Up to the Challenge: Paul Kraycer '17

Posted by Jamie Linde on October 13, 2016 2:25 PM

Paul Kraycer, senior biotechnology major, orientation leader, and sprinter for Marywood’s swimming and diving team, welcomes every challenge and opportunity that college offers. A typical day for Paul involves working in Dr. Christopher Brey’s research lab and studying in class until it’s time for him to practice.

His talent and dedication to swimming recently earned him recognition for the All-Sportsmanship Team for the Landmark Conference, which honors athletes who are exceptional sportsmen. He believes that model sportsmen should not only “strive to be their best,” but also “strive to encourage their teammates to do better as well.” He also embodies Marywood’s core value of respect with every win and loss. He says, “Always be humble in defeat. Be gracious in winning too. That’s important.”

Paul’s excellence in athletics mirrors his excellence in academics. He is a member of the Chi Sigma Alpha Honor Society, which recognizes athletes who demonstrate high academic achievement. For Paul, athletics are crucial to his academic success. He says, “I feel like swimming is helpful when it comes to balancing my school work and activities, because I know I have to do this [swim]. It makes me not slack on the other things.”

When he isn’t in class, in the lab, or in the pool, he dedicates his time to reviewing what he has learned, with classical music as his soundtrack. Studying helps him to achieve his goals, but it doesn’t help solely him. Paul feels it is important to share his knowledge with his classmates. He says, “When it comes to the day of the test, I’ll come in and listen to everyone else freaking out, and I’ll try to teach them the material.”

Paul’s drive to help others goes beyond campus as well. He does community service through his local parish, and he is in the process of becoming a Eucharistic Minister. His compassion for all, his commitment to personal growth, and his dedication to the community reflect the heart of Marywood’s mission for its students: to live respectfully and responsibly in our global community.

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Posted by Jamie Linde '17

Jamie Linde is an English major with minors in writing and women’s studies at Marywood University. She writes poetry, creative nonfiction essays, and short fiction stories. When she isn’t studying or writing, she enjoys reading Victorian and children’s novels while cuddling her cat.

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