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2017 Undergraduate/Graduage Research Forum & Symposium

Posted by Byrne on 2017 April 23

Undergraduate students Abigail Brown, Justin Allen, and Heather Carr present their research at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Forum on Wednesday, April 19th

Annually, Marywood University holds a large gathering for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their research studies. This year on Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th, the Undergraduate Research Forum and the Graduate Research Symposium transpired. Diligent and meticulous students worked tirelessly, searching for appropriate literature to support their study, locating participants, carrying out complex experiments, collecting data, and publishing their findings to all those who are interested. Here are some of the presenters who had the opportunity to present their hard work at the Research Forum and Symposium:

2017 Undergraduate Research Forum – Some of the Forum Presenters, specifically from the Reap College

These are the following students from the Reap College who presented at the Forum:

Addictive Social Media, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism in College Students

By: Heather Schultz, Sean Gaughran, and Breanna Latourette


Anxiety in Undergraduate Students in Relation to Extroversion and Trust

By: Tara O'Neil, Anna Balanovich, and Amanda McNamara


The Association Between Music Preferences and Personality

By: Christopher Best


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and the Reduction of Anxiety

By: Stacey Watkins


Differences in Memory in Regards to Gender

By: Nicole Rabecs


Effect of Blue and Red Background Color on Speed of Facial Expression Recognition in Sad and Angry Faces

By: Abigail Brown


Effect of Colored Paper on Heart Rate and Self-Reported Affect During the House Tree Person Activity          

By: Justin Allen, Abigail Brown, and Heather Carr


The Effect of Music Preference on Cognitive Performance

By: LeahBeth Evans


The Effects of Idealistic Advertisements on Self-Esteem in Young Adult Male and Females

By: Clarissa Fischer


The Effects of Music on Memory

By: Jenna Santarsiero and Victoria Hunsinger


Effects of Social Media Usage On Sustained Attention

By: Joseph Ducas


The Impact of Positive and Negative Emotionally Stimulating Images on Memory Recall

By: Patricia Ingulli and Shelby Ohotnicky


The Influence of Music Genres on Memory Recall

By: Shayna Finn and Theresa Longstreet


Morbid Curiosity and the Media: A Determination of Empathy in Individuals

By: Emma Ledden, Courtnie Perri, and Ashley Caldaro


Music's Effect on One’s Ability to Retain Material and Complete Cognitive

By: Tiffany Carpenter


Narcissism, Impulsivity, and Sex Differences          

By: Tawny Husosky, Courtney Capwell, and Megan Refice


On Examining the Correlative Natures between Parental Influence and College Major of Choice and Personality Traits and College Major, and the Expected Differences in Levels of Satisfaction

By: Andrew Murray and Laura McNamara


The Role of Learned Helpless and Anxiety in Test Taking and Learning

By: Erica Viola


A Study on the Perception of Time and How It Relates to Difficulty of Task

By: Jeffrey Kelly


Working Memory Processing with Unpleasant, Neutral, and Pleasant Stimuli Considering Anxiety Levels           

By: Emily Banfield


2017 Graduate Research Symposium – All Students

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Protective Factors and their Relationship to the Use of College Support Services

By: Dawn Beard, Kathleen Grasso, and Michele Wadud – School of Social Work


The Antimicrobial Effect of Thymol on Biofilm Proliferation in Hydroponic Lettuce Farming

By: Thomas Christopher – Science Department


Characterization of the Interaction between Mps3 and Cdc5 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

By: Corinne Breymeier – Science Department


Examining Klf-1 Expression Patterns in the Intestine of Caenorhabditis Elegans

By: Macy Decker and Sara Goodson – Science Department


Investigation of Photoluminescence Characteristics of CdSe Nanomaterials

By: Bridgette Sisson and Brandi Vispi – Science Department


Life Satisfaction Among Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

By: Daniel Farrell and Alice Spina – School of Social Work


Longevity of Wild-Type, Klf-2 and Klf-3 Mutants of Caenorhabditis Elegans

By: Samia Alrabghi and Macy Decker – Science Department


Mandala Use for the Reduction of Test-Related Anxiety in Pre-Adolescent Students

By: Megan Menkis and Kiley Moesta – Psychology & Counseling Department


The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Burnout Among Healthcare Professionals in a Hospital Setting

By: Megan Barber, BSW, Kaitlin A. Caldwell, BSW, Mariah Hachan, BSW, and Duncan Mayer, BSW – School of Social Work


The Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Level of Education Among College Students

By: Nicholas Kosierowski, BSW, Nicole Paradise, BSW, and Erica Yerke, BSW – School of Social Work


Students Preparedness and Efficacy of Supervision

By: Jamie Predmore and Elizabeth Winn – School of Social Work


Use of CRISPR Technology to Study Ribosome Recycling in Yeast Cells

By: Christine Valente – Science Department


Veteran’s Satisfaction with Access to VA Healthcare

By: Kristen Cummings, Kathleen Hildrendrand, and Danielle Spadine – School of Social Work


These students presented exceptional work at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Forum and Graduate Research Symposium. Conducting research can be a challenging feat, but their participation and efforts have allowed them to make significant contributions to their fields of study.

Congratulations to all of the dedicated and determined students on their research accomplishments! We wish them the best of luck in furthering their research contributions to their respective fields!

For more information about the Undergraduate Research Forum, please email Dr. Erin Sadlack at For additional information about the Graduate Research Forum, please contact Dr. Bruce Wisenburn at

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