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Scholar Profile: Joe Hunt ’17

Posted by Sheryl on March 22, 2017

Scholar. Student-Athlete. Servant Leader. By whatever name you call him, Joe Hunt ’17 has had a wealth of great experiences at Marywood University. On April 30, he will share his story with students and benefactors at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon.

Major: Accounting and Financial Planning, with a minor in Forensic Accounting

Scholarships Received: Dean’s Scholarship and the Maxis-Gillet Service Scholarship

Student Activities: New Student Orientation (freshman and sophomore)

Athletics: Baseball (freshman and sophomore years); Golf (junior and senior years)

Service Activities:

  • Catholic Relief Services (Nets for Nets, Food Fast);
  • Maxis-Gillet Service Scholar (Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Baseball Clinics, “Senior Prom”);
  • Admissions Ambassador (student panel member at Open House, gives campus tours to prospective students);
  • The Good Samaritans (ministry at Holy Family for his cohort of Maxis-Gillet scholars, mentor to new freshmen service scholars);
  • Student member of the Search Committee for Marywood’s 12th President

Plans after Graduation: I have accepted an offer as a Staff Accountant in the Audit group at Sobel and Co., LLC., in Livingston, N.J., for the fall of 2018. I will be finishing my MBA with a concentration in finance here at Marywood next year.

Career Goals: To be the Chief Financial Officer at a nonprofit organization.

Why did you choose Marywood?

I chose Marywood, because Marywood was not just another school when I stepped on campus, Marywood was home. I owe that first feeling of “home” to JoAnne Rossi, my admissions counselor.

Explain how scholarships have enriched your student experience.

The Maxis-Gillet Service Scholarship has been a huge part of my experience. This scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to serve others in so many different capacities, something for which I am very grateful. Additionally, this scholarship has provided me with the chance to lead others in service for four years at Marywood, and it has given me the experience and the skills to do so for the rest of my life.

What would you like to say to the donor(s) of your scholarship and to all Marywood benefactors who support scholarships?

To the people who have made my education possible, thank you. However, you have done a huge service for others in our community as well. By helping students like me to have an education and the opportunities that come with it, you have done more than fund an education. We, as student scholars, have done our best to make a difference in the local community by serving those who are less fortunate, which is something we love to do. The difference you have made in our lives is something we try very hard to share with others.

What experiences as a Marywood student have been the most significant and meaningful for you?

Serving others, overall, has been my most significant and meaningful experience at Marywood. In my sophomore year, I began volunteering at Holy Family residence across the street from campus. Volunteering included Bingo and cookie baking, among other fun events. In my junior year, I took a leadership role in organizing these activities as part of my Maxis-Gillet Scholarship. Our big event is known as the “Senior Prom.” My date for this event was Catherine Lyons, who just turned 96. I have grown very close to her, so “service” there does not feel like service. It is truly what I enjoy doing with my time. Another one is the baseball clinic I organized during my freshman and sophomore years. My team and I raised money each year to grant the wish of a child with a terminal illness in our area. The first clinic benefited a child whose wish was to meet Chase Utley, and he then spent spring training with Mr. Utley. The second year, the money went to a child whose wish was to meet Derek Jeter. That child spent the last week of Mr. Jeter’s career in New York City with Mr. Jeter. These two service initiatives (the senior prom and the baseball clinics) definitely encompass my most significant experiences at Marywood.

Given those experiences, what advice do you have for prospective students?

College shouldn’t just be school—it should be home, and that’s what Marywood has been for me. Serving others is a rewarding experience, and it has been the center of the most meaningful experiences of my college career. Take time out of your college experience to serve others in some capacity. By serving others, you will find that your life is changed by those you are serving. In fact, your life will be transformed, possibly more than those you are serving.

Why do you think it’s important to be active as a student/alumnus, and what kinds of involvement appeal most to students and recent graduates?

It is important for both students and alumni to be active, because the Marywood mission cannot be carried out without the help of those attending Marywood and those who have graduated from Marywood. I believe collaborative involvement, where both parties can learn from each other, is the most appealing.

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Posted by Sheryl Lynn Sochoka

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