Student Research

Research related to Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Athletic Training and Exercise Science portion of the Master's program in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science

Pasukinis, C (2017) "Educating Youth Football Coaches on the Management and Prevention of Concussions using the Center of Disease Control’s Head’s Up Tool Kit", Master's Thesis, submitted to EATA for Poster Presentation

Edsall, J (2016) Doctoral Dissertation: Effects of 6-week interventions on functional movement screen scores in NCAA pision III athletes. 

Howard L, Hillman AR (2017) Influence of Hydration on Cognition and Skill Performance in Female Basketball Players, PULSE publication, winter 2018

Leroy, S, Yeager, S, DellaValle, DM.  (2017) "What is the effect of a dietary pattern and protein intake on the incidence and severity of stress fractures in collegiate cross-country runners?"  Submitted to FNCE, February 2017.Accepted April 2017. Presenting October 2017.

Weeks, M, Edsall, J (2017) "Type III Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in an NCAA  pision III Collegiate Volleyball Player, poster presentation Marywood Undergraduate Research forum

Edsall, J (2017, PATS Symposium Presentation, Erie, PA) Movement Screening Tools & Practical Intervention for Time Pressed Professionals

Larsen, A, Edsall, J, Yeager, S (2017) "Celiac Disease in the Athlete" poster presentation Marywood University Undergraduate Research forum