Athletic Training and Exercise Science: Research


The following is research related to Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Athletic Training and Exercise Science portion of the Master's program in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science

Peters, Heidi L.; Neil, Elizabeth R; Winkelmann, Zachary K.; and Eberman, Lindsey E. (2019) "The Admissions Criteria for Professional Athletic Training Programs: A 2018 Review of Post-Baccalaureate Degree." Journal o Sports Medicine and Allied Health Science: Official Journal of the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association: Vol. 5: Iss. 2, Article 3. DOI:

Engelmann, J (2020) EATA Meeting and Clinical Symposium- Invited Speaker Part of five-member panel during Rapid Fire Presentation. Topic presented was case study Titled False Positive ACL Tear on MRI Exam With Osteochondral Injury (lead author)

Howard, L (2021)"Synbiotic Supplementation Improves Response to Iron Supplementation in Female Athletes  during Training" Published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements. 2021 Feb 22:1-15.  

Howard L, Hillman AR (2017) Influence of Hydration on Cognition and Skill Performance in Female Basketball Players, PULSE publication, winter 2018

Gerchman, A, Hillman, A, Howard, L, Yeager, S (2018) "Curcumin's Effect on Inflammation and Exercise Induced Muscle Damage in Healthy Adults." American College of Sports Medicine poster presentation at Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota