Athletic Training and Exercise Science: Other Majors


Fitness Professional

The Fitness Professional minor is for students interested in working with clients related to health and fitness.  

The minor includes courses required for the BS in Exercise Science.

The courses in this minor provide a foundation for effective coaching behaviors along with exposure to the content of strength and conditioning, kinesiology. This minor is available to all students outside the BS in Exercise Science major. 

PIAA has mandated a Coaching course for all coaches by June 30, 2018. The department offers an ATES 421 Coaching in spring semester (2017) that would fulfill this requirement. 

PIAA Coaching Course Requirements


The Coaching minor is designed to prepare students to assume coaching responsibilities with a sound theoretical and practical background. The minor provides students with a foundation of essential coaching skills;

  1. the basic knowledge, understanding, and application of coaching philosophy and effective teaching techniques;

  2. the basic principles of human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and exercise science and the practical application to coaching;

  3. injury prevention, risk management, and the treatment of sport-related injuries;

  4. theories and techniques necessary to plan, organize, and implement sport programs;

  5. and a demonstration of motor skills and strategies involved in coaching specific sports.