Athletic Training: Fees

University Tuition and Fees

Additional Financial Costs

Additional fees incurred by students once they are accepted into the training program include

  • Professional attire- polos, khaki-style pants, all-weather clothing, etc.- variable, but required items will cost ~$250.00

  • Professional equipment- sling bag, fanny pack, etc.- $50.00-$100.00

  • ATrack subscription- $45.00 per year

  • NATA Student membership - $65.00- $85.00 per year

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification (Act 151)- $13.00 per year

  • Pennsylvania Criminal Records Check (Act 34)- $22.00 (one-time cost)

  • FBI Federal Criminal History Record (Act 114)- $22.60 (one-time cost)

  • Transportation to clinical sites and professional conferences – Cost varies by distance and mode of transportation

  • Personal liability insurance- ~40.00/year

  • Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) re-certification, as needed- $25.00-$75.00

  • Additional immunizations, as needed, to meet the university's requirements- cost is variable

Liability Insurance

Marywood University provides a blanket liability insurance policy for students during their supervised clinical experiences; however, students must purchase personal liability insurance for each year in the AT Program.  Estimated cost ~$38.00 per year.  Options for personal liability insurance are listed below.