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Faculty Member Attends International Seminar Concerning Holocaust
Hall of Names at Yad Vashem
Hall of Names at Yad Vashem
November 06, 2017

Michael Mirabito, Ph.D., professor and chairperson in the communication arts department at the University, recently attended a nineteen-day international seminar that took place in Israel. The international seminar, which is geared for educators, is designed for individuals who teach or are involved in works concerning the Holocaust.

Dr. Mirabito’s research interests, along with many of his creative works over the past ten years, are in Holocaust studies and related fields, including trips to and subsequent photography shows about: Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland); and Terezin (New Czech Republic); concentration camps in Kurdistan (Iraq); and genocide sites. In the past year, Dr. Mirabito has visited and photographed Manzanar, the Japanese-American internment camp in Lone Pine, California; a Trail of Tears site in Hopkinsville, Kentucky; and sites in Maryland associated with Harriet Tubman. He is planning on using photos from the last three sites, in addition to those from Israel, in a proposed photography show. Dr. Mirabito is also working with a graduate assistant to create an online magazine to support Holocaust and Genocide studies.

Dr. Mirabito earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from New York University, his master’s degree from New York Institute of Technology, and his doctorate from Bowling Green State University. His publications include two books: The Exploration of Outer Space with Cameras: A History of the NASA Unmanned Spacecraft Missions and The New Communications Technologies.

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