Study Abroad with Marywood

Study Abroad -
The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

There's a wide world waiting for you out there!

Success in the field of visual arts depends not only on technical expertise, but also on your breadth of experience and depth of insight. Marywood encourages all art students to experience first hand the global nature of our cultural tradition.

Your classmates, professors and Marywood alumni can help you select the ideal program for you. We offer opportunities to spend a semester, a summer session, or even a short study tour in:

  • Italy (SACI)
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • and more!
Study Abroad at SACI 

Studio Art Centers International (SACI)

The centerpiece of our study abroad program is Marywood's Italian Campus for outstanding art students at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in the heart of Florence, Italy. Students may apply to study in Florence for a semester or summer session.

Once there, you can choose from a full curriculum of courses: drawing, painting, fresco, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video and filmmaking, graphic design, interior design, illustration, jewelry, art history, museology, art conservation, and more.

This program includes field trips to important locations throughout Italy. All courses are taught in English, so it's easy to assimilate to Italian culture.

Interested in Study Abroad?

Study abroad experiences can be tailored to individual comfort levels so students get exactly what they want from the experience. The amount of time spent overseas could range from a few weeks in the summer to an entire academic year. Students can choose to live with host families, among foreign students, or surrounded by other Americans. Programs are modestly priced, and scholarships and financial aid are also available.

If you’re interested in finding a study abroad program that fits what you’re seeking, the Office of International Affairs, located in the Liberal Arts Center, Room 220, can help you find a program. The process of applying for overseas studies starts whenever you’re ready.

Checklist for Study Abroad

  • Visit the Office of International Affairs, Liberal Arts Center, Room 220, or call 570-961-4581 or email to schedule an appointment with Study Abroad Director
  • Find a country, program, or university that interests you
  • View the Study Abroad opportunities for Art Majors
  • Take a look at the Study Abroad Handbook (PDF)
  • Visit the Study Abroad website at
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor. (Verify your courses.)
  • Schedule an appointment with Financial Aid.
  • Schedule an appointment with Registrar’s Office.
  • Review information with the Study Abroad Director.
  • Complete all necessary forms and applications and return them to the International Affairs office.

What Students Are Saying

Caitlin Metzger, Graphic Design Major

"Studying abroad is truly a once in a lifetime experience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and provides countless opportunities to make lifelong memories. It was incredible to be completely submerged in a new culture, travel the world, and to study and see new things. Studying abroad is an awesome learning experience you just can't get at home, and I'm forever grateful for my experience."


-- Caitlin Metzger

Graphic Design Major - Studied in Florence, Italy





Shannon Atwell, Graphic Design Major"I studied abroad my spring semester of my junior year in London, England. By far, it was the most incredible experience of my life. Not only did I make lifelong friends from all over the world, I was able to travel to ten different countries, be inspired by my surroundings, and fully immerse myself in a new culture. Studying abroad will absolutely change your entire perspective on life in a positive way. Realizing that your small corner of the world is not all that life has to offer will open your eyes. Once you get a taste of adventure you’re never going to want to stop learning and exploring. London was such an incredible city with so much to do and with travel being so affordable and easy abroad, you can easily explore country after country. I cannot talk about how important I think it is to go abroad. The opportunity to have the freedom of being a student in another country only comes once and the time is now."

-- Shannon Atwell

Graphic Design Major - Studied in London, England


Jennifer Kadragich, Graphic Design Major


"Studying in Florence, Italy was a life-changing experience in such a variety of ways.  I cannot begin to explain how much I learned, both in and out of the classroom.  One of the best parts of studying abroad is the way it teaches you to appreciate the beauty and culture of other places in this world.  The friendships I made, the experiences I had, and the artwork I saw was invaluable.  I want to go back to Italy as soon as possible, and if I had the chance to study abroad again I'd take it in a heartbeat!"


-- Jennifer Kadragich

Graphic Design Major - Studied in Florence, Italy



Elizabeth MacNeal, Graphic Design Major

"Studying abroad is absolutely indescribable. It is one of those experiences that alters your perspective on the world and your future. My time in London and backpacking all over Europe has given me such a passion for traveling and reemphasized my love of art and design. Studying abroad is such an incredibly unique opportunity. It gives you confidence in your work, challenges your ideals, and allows you too see corners of the world you never thought possible. To anyone who is considering studying abroad I would say take the risk. It will be the most exciting and rewarding adventure of your life!"


-- Elizabeth MacNeal

Graphic Design Major, Art History Minor - Studied at Richmond University in Kensington, London (England)