Art Department: Visual Journal

Tom Bonomo minor arts

Tom Bonomo

BFA Graphic Design & Photography 2006
Owner of Eyedesignstudios, Scranton PA

"My education at Marywood helped my career by giving me a solid foundation in both of my majors."

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Visual Journal

Your visual journal is a personal creative book that enables you to personalize and document your discovery, development, and educational journey. Include:

  • Sketches and rough ideas
  • Composed, finish artwork
  • Musings
  • Reminders
  • Reflections
  • Notes and questions

Your journal should reflect your personality and interests. It should tell others what you're about, what grabs your attention, and what you have independently researched and discovered on your own, both in and out of class.

Books on Visual Journals

We recommend the following books on visual journals: