Art Department: Foundation Year Portfolio Review

Emmanuel Adjei

Emmanuel Adjei

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design 2018
Art Director at UNA Design, Philadelphia, PA

"I currently oversee brand standards and art direction at UNA Design in Philadelphia, PA"

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Requirements & Guidelines

A foundation year portfolio review is required of all foundation year students. Each year it is scheduled in the month of April and will be held in the 2nd floor lounge, Insalaco Center for Studio Arts (SAC). Signup sheets will be at the main office on the first floor of the SAC.

You are required to register for ART 322: Foundations Portfolio Review (0 credits) during the Fall semester for Spring classes. This review is a mandatory requirement and must be successfully completed to satisfy first year requirements.

Bring the following items to your review:

  1. Portfolio: Bring 2-3 examples from every studio course you have taken (or are currently taking) during your foundation year (see list below for reference). Be prepared to explain the purpose of each project and how you did or did not meet objectives. You should have a total list of works, the class in which you did them, and the purpose of the assignment or project.
  2. A typed list of works of portfolio content with project name and class
  3. Your Visual Journal
  4. Your Activities Form
  5. Pre-approved foundation year exhibit entries

The purpose of this review is to provide students with feedback regarding their progress, area of emphasis, and future direction as Art Majors at Marywood University. It is intended to foster positive support and development.

Foundation Year Portfolio Review will cover work created in all foundation year courses:

  • ART 101      FoundationYearSeminar 1.0cr.
  • ART 110      Basic Drawing 3.0cr.
  • ART 118      2-Dimensional Design and Color 3.0cr.
  • ART 113      Art History I 3.0cr.
  • ART 233      Painting I 3.0cr.
  • ART 212      3-Dimensional Design 3.0cr.
  • ART 114      Art History II 3.0cr.
  • ART 241      Digital Design 3.0cr.
  • ART 322      Freshman Portfolio Review 0cr. *

* Note: Some of these won't have any artwork components like the portfolio review itself and the art history courses.

For further information about the Foundation Portfolio Review, students are advised to speak with their art faculty advisor or contact Prof. Sue Jenkins, Foundations Area Coordinator, at