Art Department: Shields Center for Visual Arts

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The Shields Center for Visual Arts building contains The Maslow Collection, Mahady Gallery, Suraci Gallery, classrooms for art history and art administration, studios for art therapy, two graphic design Mac labs, and a 24-hour drop-in Mac lab. The Maslow Collection and Study Gallery for Contemporary Art housed in the Shields Center features more than 500 works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Close.

Art Therapy projectsArt Therapy

The Art Therapy Studio is a multipurpose space that serves as traditional classroom, studio, and "therapeutic space." The room is equipped with traditional art materials, easels, recycled and found objects, a sink and basic equipment to model spaces generally used by art therapy professionals. In addition the room contains a computer, scanner and state of the art printer for student/artists who use the graphic media as their means of expression. Finally, the room features a one-way viewing room that can enable unobtrusive viewing of classroom processes for learning purposes.

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Graphic classroom with studentsGraphic Design

Our two Mac computer labs have overhead RGB projectors for class instruction. In addition, both rooms are equipped with large screen iMacs, loaded with an array of the most current versions of industry standard graphic applications, including  Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, an HP b&w laser printer, a large format Epson inkjet printer, an oversized color laser printer, digital cameras, and four flatbed/slide scanners. All computers in both labs have Internet connections, with wireless access available for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. A dedicated drop-in computer lab, complete with printers and a scanner, is also available for students 24-hours a day.

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arts administration students in galleryArts Administration

Marywood's arts administration program provides a foundation in both art and business. It includes courses in business and global innovation, art history, and art foundation, as well as practical experience in curating and historic preservation in museums and galleries.

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students in Art History classArt History

An art history minor is an attractive option for students majoring in studio art or art education. Art history is a natural complement to studio art training, strengthening the content and articulation of a student's own art.

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