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Records Management & Archives Handbook: Archival Security & Access


Marywood University’s Records Management and Archives Program meets appropriate security standards for the records in its custody. All archival storage areas are locked, and only authorized personnel have access to those areas. Access to restricted archival records is closely monitored.

Executive officers of Marywood University have unrestricted access to all records in the Archives, except for those specifically restricted by the President of the University to herself. Deans and Heads of Departments have unrestricted access to archival records from their departments, except for those specifically restricted by the President of the University to herself. Other Marywood University faculty, staff, students, and the public have access to non-restricted archival records. Access is available by appointment only.

Archival materials are, by definition, unique records that are unavailable in other repositories and therefore must be accessed under strict security conditions within the archives.  Thus, Marywood University’s archival materials are not circulated except in extraordinary cases and at the discretion of the Director of Records Management and Archives.  Archival materials that are loaned for exhibit must be displayed under secure conditions in locked display cases.  Archival photographs can be scanned in the Records Management and Archives Department to be used in publications.

Heads of Departments must prevent unauthorized access to the University records in their custody. Confidential records must be kept in locked storage areas.


To request access to materials in the University Archives, contact the Director of Records Management and Archives.

Records Management & Archives | Learning Resources Center, Room 317