Role of the Department Records Coordinator

The administrative head of each department appoints him/herself, or one or more members of the department, as Department Records Coordinator(s). One person may act as coordinator for all of the department’s records, or each coordinator may be responsible for one or more records series.

The Department Records Coordinator:

  • attends records management training workshops;
  • participates with the Director of Records Management and Archives and the Head of the Department in conducting the department records survey and inventory;
  • accesses the University’s Records Management and Archives Website at least annually, to check the retention schedules for the records in the department’s custody;
  • carries out, in a timely manner, the instructions on the department’s records retention schedules, with the prior approval of the head of the department;
  • alerts the Director of Records Management and Archives, via e-mail, whenever the appropriate disposition of records has occurred;
  • contacts the Director of Records Management and Archives when new records retention schedules need to be created and when established ones must be changed or rescinded.