Records Management Training Workshops

The staff of every Marywood University office must be knowledgeable about University records management policies and procedures. For this reason, the Director of Records Management and Archives offers Records Management Training Workshops and is available for questions on an ongoing basis.

Training Workshops cover:

  • Definitions of basic records management terms, such as record, records management, and records retention schedule
  • Marywood University’s Records Management and Archives Policy
  • Fiscal and legal benefits of a strong University Records Management and Archives Program
  • The roles of individuals who participate in the University’s Records Management and Archives Program
  • Definitions of key records management terms such as record, non-record, vital record, record copy, retention, disposition, records inventory, certificate of destruction, discovery, statute of limitations, and suspension of disposition
  • The records life-cycle and responsibilities at each stage within the cycle
  • The process of developing a records retention schedule at Marywood University
  • Finding, reading, and complying with Marywood University’s authorized records retention schedules
  • Suspension of records disposition during an audit or legal action
  • General records retention schedules at Marywood University
  • Transferring records to the Archives
  • Issues unique to your department’s records


The Director of Records Management and Archives will publish times and places for Records Management Training Workshops. Training sessions can be designed to meet a department’s specific records management needs, and individual training can also be arranged.