Records Management and Archives

The Records Management and Archives Program acquires, preserves, and organizes valuable documents, publications, and photos. This ensures that Marywood retains information required to meet its legal, administrative, fiscal, and historical needs.

Archival Exhibits

These featured treasures of Marywood's history are on display.

Archival Projects

Find out what we're doing to preserve the heritage of Marywood University.


This is a visual timeline of the history of Marywood University, from before its founding in 1915 to the present.


Keep up with the most recent news on campus, such as the Centennial road signs and the new learning commons construction!

Records Retention Schedules

Records retention schedules are accessible through an online database.

Records Management and Archives Handbook

Our handbook defines the Program's components and the roles of those involved. It also contains the Program's policies and the procedures for complying with them.


Use this handy glossary to find the definitions of commonly used technical terms.