School of Architecture: Academic Programs

academic programs

Marywood University School of Architecture offers professional, pre-professional, and post-professional programs in Architecture.  The undergraduate programs emphasize disciplinary knowledge within a broad liberal arts framework, including a study abroad opportunity in Florence, Italy.  The graduate program emphasizes disciplinary-focused independent thesis work for students with professional degrees in architecture.

Bachelor of Architecture

The professional undergraduate program in Architecture, the Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch), is a five-year program that is intended for students who will pursue a career as a licensed architect or advanced study in the field of architecture.  The Bachelors of Architecture is the primary architectural degree offered in the School and is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).  For information about accreditation and education requirements for licensed architects, visit our Learn about Accreditation.

Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture

The pre-professional undergraduate program in Architecture, the Bachelors of Environmental Design in Architecture (BEDA), is a four-year program that is intended for students who will pursue a professional Master degree or enter into a related field. The Bachelors of Environmental Design in Architecture curriculum follows the first four years of the Bachelors of Architecture curriculum but with the option to take fewer some professionally-oriented courses and more courses from other areas of the curriculum or other university course offerings.

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

This 4-year professional degree enables students to create the specific character of spaces for human use and enjoyment. In this capacity, interior architects/designers must understand the important role of materials, colors, textures, and light in the creation of interior spaces that respond to physical, social, psychological and cultural needs of building users.

Master of Interior Architecture

This 60-credit graduate program in Interior Architecture prepares students for the profession by engaging them in an array of specialized courses ranging from design, aesthetics, history and advanced digital media, to lighting, detailing and sustainability.

Bachelor Of Science in Construction Management

This program focuses on buildings and the business and logistical management of their construction. The program emphasizes ‘inter-professional education’ in which Construction Management students learn along side architecture, interiors, and business students to discover the roles and values each profession brings to the design, financing and construction of a building. This experience mirrors the collaborative dynamic that exist is in the real-world of building development and execution yet few other Construction Management programs offers this learning environment.