This program changed our daughter’s direction in career path.  We visited many colleges' architecture departments including colleges listed on the Top 10 and nothing compared to Marywood’s state-of-the-art program and facilities.  Spending two weeks at this camp allowed her to see if she would “love” architecture enough to spend the rest of her life doing it as a career.  It also gave her the opportunity to get to know the professors.  The professors are very passionate about architecture and it showed while they were teaching the kids!  In addition to designing and creating projects in the studio, they went on field trips to see different types of architecture; they also went on a couple of field trips (i.e., a local water park) so the kids could have some down time and have some summertime fun.  While she spent many late nights working on her projects, it gave her a realistic experience of what it would be like if she became an architecture major.  Needless to say, our daughter is starting at Marywood this Fall as an architecture major! --Kelly Paulus

I went to this camp last summer and by far it was the best experience and decision I could have ever made.   Without this camp, I’m not sure if I would have ended up going to Marywood this Fall.  Kate and Stephen were both wonderful teachers and worked hands-on with us.  They were so personal towards every one of us and every day was exciting to learn new things!  Attending this camp helped me choose architecture as a major and fall in love with Marywood’s campus.  Anybody who knows somebody even considering architecture as a possible major should go to this camp!  It makes you think outside of the box and not just learn the basic floor plans and four walls with a roof.  You learn how to be creative and begin to start thinking like an architect.  I will never forget my experience at this camp or the life-long friends I have made and the two amazing professors I will get to see this Fall! --Melissa Paulus