Design Your Future

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Design your Future 2020 is now online!

(July 27th - August 7th)
The Design your Future program at Marywood University was established seven years ago to offer high school students a significant first experience in architectural education. The program offers students an opportunity to participate in the process of design and to develop the basic tools of imagination and expression. It emphasizes that architecture and interior architecture combine the practical concerns of building with the artistic freedom of design.    

Design exercises and lectures expose students to the unique blend of visual orientation, creative process, academic investigation and professional training that forms an architectural education. Students will explore the ideas, methods, and current issues of architecture and interior architecture with top professors and practicing professionals in their field. The introduction of architecture at a curricular level prior to college enhances the understanding of the profession and educates the young public about what designers do AND how they do it.

This is an academically rigorous, college-level program. Students are expected to complete nightly homework assignments and actively participate in group projects. Students are expected to attend all synchronous classes every day, arrive on time, and meet all academic obligations.

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must be of rising junior or senior status or a 2020 high school graduate.
Program Topics:
Spatial Design Drafting
Model Making Creative Problem Solving
Freehand Drawing Sketching
Digital Programs Tonal Exercises
Collage Basic Photography
Furniture Professional Practice
Theory Sustainability
Regional Issues History

Program Guests:
In an effort to connect students with a variety of relevant subjects occurring in Interior Architecture and Architecture, leading Professionals from across the country AND England will speak with students daily about their specialties.
James Eckler, Director of the School of Architecture - Marywood University
Kris Callori, RA, LEED - Professor, UNM, Verdacity, Albuquerque
Stephen Garrison - Professor, Marywood University
Lizz Andrzejewski - PHd Candidate, Penn State
Michelle Pannone - Professor, Marywood University
Maggie McManus, RA - Professor, SCAD - Savannah
Joshua Berman, Interior Architect - Professor, Marywood University
Habeeb Muhammad, Bolin Cyweski Jackson - Philadelphia Andy Cho, RA LEED, Hastings Architecture - Nashville
Katrina Conners, AIA, Fifteen - Philadelphia
Victoria Farrow - Professor, University of Birmingham, England

Structure of a Typical Day: Tentative Schedule
Synchronous Classes MTWRF, 10:30am – 1:00pm EST.: Students must report to their virtual class via videoconferencing. Synchronous sessions will include drawing and model making demonstrations, lectures, digital design software tutorials, reading discussions, discussions, student presentations, and student design project evaluations with guest critics.
Synchronous Studio LAB MTWRF7:00pm – 10pm EST.: Teaching Assistants will host an organized activity for the students to participate in each evening, as well as assist students with daily assignments.

Virtual Final Review Event, Friday, August 7th
We will conclude with a virtual exhibition of student work and complementary conversation with invited critics for friends and family to attend!
This is the link for the ONLINE Application: